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During PSFK’s recent trip to Madrid, we had the opportunity to visit buy carisoprodol online uk, an amazing project set to become the city’s biggest center for contemporary culture. The project which has already been underway for several years is transforming a former industrial site which housed the old livestock market and slaughterhouse. Targeted for completion in 2012 we were told, Matadero will occupy buildings spread over 1.6 million square feet with dedicated facilities for drama, the visual arts, design, music, dance, architecture, landscape and urban planning, fashion, literature and cinema.

Much more than a place for exhibitions, core to how Matadero will function is more like a laboratory. Planning of each building merges performance and exhibition space with working studios, research offices, libraries and training facilities. We toured the contemporary art  and design center buildings which included gallery spaces, a media lounge and offices. What is remarkable about these particular buildings, and we sense eventually the others, is how the renovation work was approached.

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Read the complete article and view more photos of the art center at buy carisoprodol overnight.

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