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buy carisoprodol online uk by Marc Wathieu

carisoprodol 500mg online recently graduated from the cheapest carisoprodol online in Brussels with a thesis that explored the relationship between men, the clouds and the internet. One of the outcomes of his investigation is carisoprodol sale online, an installation that plunges a computer into a bath of sterile oil. The computer does survive the ordeal. It breathes bubbles that slowly rise from the bottom of its screen. Once it has reached the top of the screen, the virtual bubble becomes an air bubble that rises through the oil to the surface of the tank where it vanishes into thin air.

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For this second “Showcase” (an exhibition format for emergent artists), the buying carisoprodol online center in Brussels has buying carisoprodol Vincent Evrard to present ordering carisoprodol online and since i’m not sure i can make it to Brussels to see the work i thought i’d catch up with the artist and have him talk about his work:

The intro text to your work says that it was “born from a thesis Fixer les nuages which proposes a genealogy of clouds leading to the advent of the Internet.’ Can you gives us more detail about this?

The ambition of “Fixer les nuages” is to approach, to observe the relationship that men have with clouds. This observation starts with an image (see below) that represents the path that information takes before and after it has come our way. I was curious about what this diagram tells us about the path taken by information and more precisely, about this particular point in the diagram where our connection turns into a cloud called “Internet.” This observation allowed me to develop the idea of a new definition of internet through the cloud.

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