3D-Printed Twisty Puzzle Sets

3D Prints 17x17x17 working mechanical puzzle at Shapeways.com.

New York – Shapeways, the online community and marketplace for personalized production using 3D printing, is excited to announce that internationally renowned puzzle designer and long-time Shapeways community member Oskar van Deventer has achieved an unofficial world record with the creation of his 17x17x17 twisty puzzle 3D printed at Shapeways.com.

The previous record was held by Leslie Lie from China for his 12x12x12 cube.

“When I heard about the world records being set for Rubik’s Cubes, like the 7x7x7, 9x9x9 and 11x11x11 created by Panagiotis Verdes from Greece, and Lie from China for his 12x12x12,  I wanted to try to set a new record myself,” says Oskar van Deventer.

“With sponsorship and prototyping help from my good friend Claus Wenicker, I began designing and testing a number of prototypes, and my third attempt was printed successfully with Shapeways.”

The puzzle, entitled “Over the Top,” took more than 60 hours over the course of the last year for van Deventer to design. The final puzzle design was 3D printed in 1,539 individual white strong and flexible plastic pieces by Shapeways.

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