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Fans already know the phrase “post-conversion,” particularly as it relates to 3D movies, and they don’t like it.  “Clash of the Titans” made skeptics of many, as the rush-to-conversion movie gave the process of converting a movie shot in 2D to 3D a bad name.

“The Green Hornet” aims to change that.  Hollywood maintains that the secret of a good post-conversion is having the time to do it right, a luxury “The Green Hornet” had.  In a press release distributed to the media, producer Neal Moritz said that the decision to present “The Green Hornet” in 3D fit perfectly into the story they’re telling, including the way director Michel Gondry filmed it:

“Michel is a revolutionary,” Moritz says.  “You know, he’s the guy who invented ‘Matrix time’ – he did it in a Smirnoff commercial years before they used the same technique in ‘The Matrix.’  Michel uses every tool, every trick of the camera, CGI, everything, to tell the story.  And 3D is just another innovative tool that allows filmmakers to tell their stories in a new way.  So of course Michel was interested in releasing the movie in 3D, and using the depth and scope of the film in this dramatic new way.”

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