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Google announced the acquisition of Phonetic Arts Last Friday causing lots of excitement in the industry as what such a powerful merger could lead to!

buy carisoprodol online cheap was founded in 2006 and its core competency lies in supplying tools which enable developers to create synthetic voices that will read words in a “natural, expressive way,” according to the company’s buy carisoprodol online uk This frees up developers from having to pre-record dictated lines.
carisoprodol 500mg online who reported on the merger state, “Google already integrates voice input in tools like Voice Search, Voice Input and Voice Actions, which allows users to perform searches, compose emails and play songs by talking to their devices. What most Google products lack is voice output, or when a computer talks back to its owner.”

This acquisition has created a real buzz around voice technologies and so we thought it was an appropriate time to find out a bit more about the origins of this innovative industry. As a result, guest blogger Gunter Jameson has put together a brief history on the rise of Voice recognition which makes a rather interesting read!

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Any kid who watched Star Trek growing up wants to someday tell a computer what to do and have them answer back.

Today we are closer than ever to the realization of that dream with the great strides that have been made in voice recognition technology, allowing us to speak to computer systems and be understood. But voice activated technology was not a new concept in the 60s when Gene Roddenberry was writing Star Trek, it had already been invented by Bell labs.

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