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It is very easy to take the internet for granted. For many of us, it has become an integral part of our lives. It has transformed how we work, communicate, access media, and contribute to debate. It’s only during those rare moments when some technical hitch means that you can’t access the internet that you appreciate how great it is to be connected to all the content, services and applications that you want.

The companies which provide our broadband connections occasionally struggle to cope with the amount of traffic on the internet. And as traffic is only going to increase, it’s critical that there is continued investment in next generation networks in order to cope with that growth and power a connected, creative economy.

Until that capacity is in place, the BBC recognises that traffic management may sometimes be necessary for technical reasons – for example to cope with legitimate network congestion. But this should be the exception. An buy carisoprodol online overnighttowards network operators discriminating in favour of certain traffic based on who provides it, as part of commercial arrangements, is a worrying development.

Why? For companies that can pay for prioritisation, their traffic will go in a special fast lane. But for those that don’t pay? Or can’t pay? By implication, their traffic will be de-prioritised and placed in the slow lane. Discriminating against traffic in this way would distort competition to the detriment of the public and the UK’s creative economy.

The founding principle of the internet is that everyone – from individuals to global companies – has equal access. Since the beginning, buy carisoprodol online cheap, and everyone has been treated the same. But the emergence of fast and slow lanes allows broadband providers to effectively pick and choose what you see first and fastest.

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