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Popular Mechanics contributing editor Erik Sofge isn’t impressed with 3D television, and isn’t convinced by the 3D in movies (including buy carisoprodol online cheap). But he argues that the problems with 3D—from the gimmicks to the glasses—just don’t extend to gaming. Here’s why 3D is perfect for video games, and why it will go mainstream soon.

Jimi Hendrix explodes onto the screen in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. It’s an iconic, well-worn sequence of archival footage from Woodstock, the stuff of retrospective montages and ’60s music anthology infomercials. Only now, it’s in 3D. Hendrix seems to pop out from the screen, while the stage and band members are mashed flat behind him. A crowd shot reveals not so much a massed sea of fans, but sliding layers of them. Just before the Sony logo appears, one of those fans flashes the peace sign. It doesn’t look like a three-dimensional hand. It’s more like a cardboard cutout, jutting out into space like a half-finished work of hippie origami.

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