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STUDENTS at the University of carisoprodol 500mg online are getting a high-tech helping hand around campus in what’s believed to be a first for a UK University — an ‘augmented reality’ layer for smartphones.

The newly launched tool provides the ultimate in personalised tours by allowing people to find a whole range of information about their local environment by using the camera on their smartphone.

It uses GPS technology and clever programming to overlay virtual information on the real world — telling people everything from the name of the building in front of them to the where the nearest bus stop is.

Rich Osborne, one of the developers on the project, said: “All you have to do is view what’s in front of you using your smartphone camera and the augmented reality layer will show you all the points of interest — whether that’s a café or bar, lecture theatre or the nearest PC cluster.

“You can click on any of the icons on your phone to get directions to there from where you are. Some of the points have special links to help you further — for example, you can find out if the nearest open access PC room has a free PC available, or listen to a podcast about the sculptures you can see around campus.

“As far as we know, this is the first augmented reality layer specifically set up for a UK University.”

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