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The Dream Factory has announced the films selected to screen at the inaugural 3D Film Festival, Hollywood. Hosted by Thomas Jane, the festival runs September 30 thru October 3, showcasing a mix of studio 3D films as well as independent 3D shorts and features. The festival’s opening film is the US Premiere of STREETDANCE 3D from Vertigo Films. The festival closes on October 3 with Joe Dante’s critically acclaimed film, THE HOLE.

“Since its inception in 2007, 3DFF has been dedicated to driving innovations in the 3D stereoscopic Industry and with the advent of our new RealD 3D theater at the Los Angeles Film School, we can now share our home with pioneering indie 3D filmmakers all over the world who have long since needed a place to showcase their creative vision to a global audience,” said Christopher Crescitelli, Festival Co-Director. “3DFF is committed to supporting both studio fare and independent filmmakers, thus the programming mix,” said Karen Annarino, Festival Co-Director. All screenings at the 3D Film Festival will take place in the theatre at The Los Angeles Film School (LAFS), which is sponsoring the Festival.

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