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The 3D revolution is coming to dance. Pioneering film-makers, among them Wim Wenders, tell us why the two were made for each other

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Reels around the fountain ... Shobana Jeyasingh's Counterpoint is performed for 3D cameras at Somerset House, London.

Wayne Eagling is not sure what to expect. The choreographer is sitting in front of a large monitor, clunky glasses balanced on his nose. He’s about to view the first footage of his ballet Men Y Men, a celebration of the poetry and virtuosity of male dancing, which is being filmed in buy carisoprodol online cheap for TV. “When I think of 3D,” he says, “it’s always that moment in buy carisoprodol online uk, where the stake goes through the body, and the liver seems to be dangling right out of the screen.” He jokes nervously: “That’s not the kind of effect I’m hoping for here.”

When the monitor flickers on, Eagling relaxes. “Its good, very lifelike, almost as if you’re watching from the front of stage.” The dancers – members of English National Ballet, the company Eagling directs – appear even more enthusiastic. One, Van Le Ngoc, crows: “It’s so intense, it looks like we do in real life – only better.”

When I put on my own glasses, I have to agree: the dancers’ bodies jump into gilded high definition, the flesh on their bare chests and arms looking solid and bright. Their movements acquire sculptural volume; pirouettes no longer appear like flat pinwheels, but revolve with a deep, spiralling expansiveness. Best of all, there is an illusion of air around each body, restoring the dancers to their proper element: space.

It’s these qualities – space, volume, energy, excitement – that Eagling was hoping to capture when he agreed to participate in Dance Dance Dance, a programme being shot by Sky Arts for the carisoprodol 500mg onlinel this weekend. Taking in everything from Bollywood to classical ballet to swing, six dances will feature in the programme, one of them (Shobana Jeyasingh’s Counterpoint) filmed in the fountains of London’s Somerset House.

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