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Computerworld – Social computing is among the most disruptive technologies making their way into the buy carisoprodol online cheap. The ever-growing number of users in social networks (half a billion for buy carisoprodol online uk as of last month) has the potential to radically change how we do business and challenges our traditional notions of workforce collaboration and productivity. In fact, Bill Gates has said that “social networking-type applications will become as ubiquitous in the workplace as carisoprodol 500mg online Office tools and will likely replace e-mail as the dominant form of corporate communications.”

What is driving the use of social computing within the enterprise? First, there is the consumerization of IT, where younger knowledge workers bring to work their own consumer devices equipped with social computing features and functions that are part of their everyday lives. A recent Unisys and IDC global study on the consumerization of IT found that the average respondent now uses four devices for work and that the adoption rates for devices and applications is accelerating. The study found that the number of information workers in enterprises with 500 employees or more using cheapest carisoprodol online will grow from 90 million in 2009 to 160 million in 2014, and the use of social networks by these workers will also double over the same time period. The number of business interactions will grow fourfold from 3.5 trillion in 2010 to 12.7 trillion in 2013. Clearly, IT departments must find a way to strike a balance between worker productivity and expectations, while getting a handle on how to manage these devices and applications.

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