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At a carisoprodol 500mg online centered on the development of iPad news, cheapest carisoprodol online founder Burt Herman compared carisoprodol sale online to an unexpected medium: finger painting. While Herman hardly meant to imply that iPad news should resemble arbitrary masses of clumsily swirled paint, he did assert that iPad news should move in a more interactive direction. The iPad’s touch screen, unlike typical digital media, presents an opportunity for uses to physically interact with the news through online carisoprodol prescription. Herman’s group also advocates a closer relationship between journalists and engineers. While the dynamics of a relationship between two traditionally unrelated fields have yet to be completely formed, Herman hopes that together they can form a medium to communicate news that, much like finger painting, will engage the user in a sensory experience.

Furthermore, the scores of reporters and engineers that Herman’s conference attracted hope to make the new iPad technology more logical and easier to use. The changes the groups came up with included a feature where the user shakes the iPad to indicate any frustration with the technology. Another feature allows users to zoom in or out to change the amount of news on any given page. These features lend themselves to giving the news an almost life-like quality. Particularly the feature allowing users to express their frustration, these applications make the news experience almost like interacting with a human being, at least a human being who stares blankly at you as you complain about incomprehensible technology. But these are just the beginning stages. As engineers develop more technology, perhaps iPad news will become less like talking to a wall and more like a two-way conversation.

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