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Whether you love or hate the idea of 2D barcodes, buy carisoprodol online uk is steadily making a case for mainstream success using the medium.  The company is integrating its technology left and right, and has now carisoprodol 500mg online to offer cinema advertisers a new way to interact with movie audiences using mobile devices.

Using JAGTAG’s mobile 2D barcodes, the new NCM Interactive Network mobile advertising option can instantly turn cinema-based promotional platforms – such as box office handouts, posters, counter cards, drink cups, popcorn bags and other display materials – into interactive and measurable digital media. By using a mobile phone to snap a photo of an item with a JAGTAG and sending it via text or email to the address provided, consumers can instantly receive an advertiser’s videos, product information, music, mobile coupons and other engaging multimedia in return.

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