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So-called augmented reality apps have the chance to make their interfaces run a lot smoother thanks to the iPhone 4’s gyroscope. Acrossair was quick to jump on board and make itself compatible. The app’s actual search abilities are pretty much standard fare for a mobile search application. But it bundles it all into a tight package that’s all the more fun to use due to its now smoothly executed AR schtick.

When I first heard the term “augmented reality,” I expected nothing short of corneal implants and tiny, cloud-connected computer systems that run on body heat and live just under your skin. I imagined something that would add layers upon layers of information to the visual world we see every day — every face we lay eyes on would be tagged with vital contact info, cheapest carisoprodol online posts, musical tastes and all sorts of useless trivia. Any physical task we weren’t sure how to accomplish would be glossed with on-the-spot how-to instructions. Common objects we encounter would be priced by carisoprodol sale online (Nasdaq: AMZN), online carisoprodol prescription (Nasdaq: EBAY) and at least four other e-vendors. It sounded really futuristic, so I was careful not to let myself get too excited until next October. All the good stuff comes out in October.

The reality, of course, isn’t nearly so … I don’t know … Gibsonian. What augmented reality amounts to today can be seen in mobile apps like Layar and Acrossair. They basically offer a more visually interesting way to conduct a mobile search. Instead of looking down at a map to see the nearest whatever-it-is-you’re-looking-for, you look through the iPhone’s screen. The camera looks out at the world, the sensors figure out which way you’re pointing, the app overlays information about nearby things of interest, and you see a land bedecked with signs and clickable links. More or less.

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