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Film versus game

Nowhere was this more apparent that the difference between the trailers for two of the games, Resident Evil and Kid Icarus, when compared to the trailer for Legends of the Guardians.

All three featured quick cuts, action scenes, and, in the case of KI and LotG, lots of flying over landscapes at a quick pace. But only the game trailers left me confused and, yes, with a slight headache.

This led me to realise that the main difference between what seemed to work well and what didn’t wasn’t so much to do with speed of the images, but more about anchor points -something that Jon picked up on with his time with the machine as well.

During the trailer it was rare to have more than one ‘foreground’ image in front of the background, and this was also the case in Mario Kart and Pilot Wings where the vehicle is permanently at the ‘top’ of the screen’s depth (in the case of Pilot Wings, the HUD sits just above it).

The effect is unlike that of the anaglyph (red-cyan glasses required), where only a few aspects are genuinely coming out of the screen. On 3DS, the ‘background’ of the image can stretch almost impossibly far back.

The greatest example of this was when I found myself involuntarily gasping during the Mario Kart preview as the kart zipped out from a tunnel and dropped into a forest part of the track.

The ground and sense of moving through a physical space was incredible, and not in any way disorientating (other than the fact that it felt like I was dropping out of the sky, of course).

This reliance on one constant (or very rarely moving) layer to the depth suggests that Resident Evil et al should be fine during gameplay (indeed, the HUD-on-top is a characteristic in the PC anaglyph version), but cut-scenes for all games will require a different approach on the 3DS compared to the standard two-dimensional formats.

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