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How do you bring a radically distributed workforce together and meld it into a single, unified team?

If you’re buy carisoprodol online cheap — short for social communication company — you create a virtual world, with virtual offices, desks, meeting rooms, and even buildings. But don’t think buy carisoprodol online uk: You won’t find any sexy avatars, flying, pets, or islands. You will, however, see a lot of work getting done.

“We bring distributed workers together to interact in real-time,” Sococo’s chief marketing officer Mark Fisher told me. “Coworkers talk, share, chat … and interact all day long.”

The service is built on a premise of connecting people in a more natural way. Spatial shifting is a key part of that — in a real office, you need to get out of your cube and walk to see someone else — but so is context and situational awareness.

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