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When I was a kid, comic books cost a quarter, Atari made videogame consoles and personal computers — not just software — and the Guinness Book of World Records was a thick paperback book with a bunch of black and white photos of people with gross, three-foot-long fingernails. A copy of the 2013 edition showed up earlier this week, proving that it’s not just technology that’s changed over those years. Even a large, hardcover book can be updated to make trivia more interesting and incorporate your iOS or Android device to make those paper pages seem a little less static. Don’t worry, not everything has changed — the fingernails are still there (pages 74-75).

Once you pick up a copy of the book itself ($28.95 list price, currently selling on buy carisoprodol online overnight for $19.11), the next step is to download the free buy carisoprodol online cheap (also buy carisoprodol online uk). There’s also a second, free app, Guinness World Records 2013 The Bonus Chapter, which is an e-book full of supplemental material that’s not included in the dead tree version. The former lets you point a camera-equipped smartphone or tablet at designated pages to see an animation something like this:

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