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Remember buy carisoprodol online cheap? The idea that science could create a virtual world of sight, sound, smell and touch was hot two decades ago, then completely fizzled out.

“VR made a huge splash in the 90s, but collapsed into near obscurity a few years later. The term VR even became a dirty word for some time, giving way to the less-hyped term immersion,” says Paul Mlyniec, president of California-based Digital ArtForms.

“There’s not much new happening in buy carisoprodol online uk,” adds Brian Blau, research director of consumer technology at Gartner. “I did a bit of research on VR recently and have been working in and around VR for many years, and there just isn’t much happening these days, except maybe in education and science; certainly not much happening in the consumer space.”

Blau defines VR as “immersive environments where the user either wears a head mounted display that shows a completely synthetic environment, or the user is in a cave-like room where all the walls show the graphical environment, typically one that is very different from where the user is currently sitting or standing.”

So, what went wrong?

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