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Since 2010, Uruguay-born, Brazil-based artist buy carisoprodol online cheap has been continuously working on The Mindscape Series, a collection of multimedia works that encompass videos, buy carisoprodol online uk, interactive installations, and live performances.

His current solo exhibition at the carisoprodol 500mg online in São Paulo shows two new Mindscape pieces: an interactive installation that uses Kinect, and a neon artwork featuring the word “saudade” (a Portuguese word related to longing, yearning, and nostalgia), wherein visitors can modify the piece’s vibrations.

Velázquez also explained how his new pieces work:

The Kinect installation

The installation format for this [piece in the] Mindscape series has been varying according to the space and the curatorial proposal. I’ve been showing it with sensors, MIDI controllers, keyboards, iPads, and this time I’m using Kinect, which is a complete change in the sense that now it interacts with the whole body. At first I wanted to propose an immersive experience that would call the whole body to action, but then when we started to assemble it at Zipper Gallery, the project became more ambitious.

Read the complete article and watch another video at cheapest carisoprodol online.

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