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If you’re smart, you use a complex buy carisoprodol online cheap for every secure website you log in to. If you’re human, you’re sick and tired of having to remember complex passwords for every secure website you log in to. SensibleVision promises a better solution in the form of software that logs you in practically the instant it recognizes your mug. I’ve been using a beta version of the program on a Windows laptop, an iPad, and an buy carisoprodol online uk smartphone, and have been very impressed so far.

If you’ve been following the epic fail of Android 4.1’s carisoprodol 500mg online feature, you’re probably snickering. cheapest carisoprodol online had barely emerged from Google’s labs when people figured out that Face Unlock could be fooled by a simple photograph of the user’s face. Google quickly tweaked Face Unlock so that you had to blink to prove you were human, but that didn’t provide much of an obstacle, either. So what makes FastAccess any more secure than Face Unlock?

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For starters, FastAccess offers two-factor authentication: Choose this option, and in addition to enrolling your face, you’ll also preregister either a connect-the-dots gesture or a symbol (such as a snowflake, puzzle piece, butterfly, and so on); both elements will be required to log in. So even if hackers successfully trick the facial-recognition algorithm using a photo or video—a feat I couldn’t accomplish with this software, by the way—they’d also need to know your secret gesture or symbol before they could pose as you. These elements pop up in random areas of the screen, to prevent finger smudges from giving them away.

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