Watch PBS Arts’ Timely Mini Doc On The Evolution Of Music Online

These are interesting times for online music. On the one hand, you have artists and fans embracing the new ways the web allows for creation, distribution and consumption of music. On the other, you have media corporations taking a desperate, extremist, and potentially dangerous stand against copyright infringement that could damage the inherent freedom of speech and innovative spirit that makes the web what it is.

The situation is so dire, this Wednesday is turning into a day of website black outs as Wikipedia, Reddit, WordPress, Mozilla, and the Cheezburger collective shut down their sites for 24 hours in protest of SOPA and PIPA (The Protect Intellectual Property Act) the anti-piracy acts that, if entered into US law, could allow the government to block, shut down, or direct traffic away from websites it thinks are hosting or promoting copyright-infringing material. It would also mean internet service providers and advertisers would be outlawed from doing business with these copyright-infringing sites.

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