Forget books, GoBZRK

When Brandon Trudel first saw mentions of “Nexus Humanus,” an organization that promises to “create sustainable happiness, one life at a time” on Twitter, he had no idea he was about to be pulled deep down inside an alternate reality and the world of BZRK.

Trudel knew it was an Alternate Reality Game (ARG), but he had never seen one styled quite like this. It was only his second ARG experience, but what kept him coming back to this one was “the weirdness.”

A steady stream of YouTube videos, curious clues and puzzles began to feed in from the four different websites: Death or Madness , the Society TwinsNexus Humanus and GoBZRK .

Trudel spent at least ten hours a day, alongside an online community of friends, helping out the characters that had been brought to life through these sites. They were tasked with solving the riddles presented by BZRK, a nano-guerilla group opposing a power-mad duo intent on using nanotechnology to control humanity.

If this were a novel, Trudel says he wouldn’t be interested.

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