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Until now, media companies have focused on getting audiences to watch shows “live” via a TV set, where the bulk of advertising dollars are.

But transmedia storytelling — which is defined as telling a story that extends across multiple media platforms (for television, it’s going beyond the on-air show) — has the ability to upend that. “Transmedia” is one of those hot buzz words du jour, with buy carisoprodol online uk, articles and carisoprodol 500mg onlinedevoted to it. Yet it’s not a new concept. Star WarsThe MatrixDr. Who and Pokeman all expanded beyond their core franchise decades ago — to games, books and alternative realities.

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In today’s digital era, there are new factors at play that make transmedia a potentially potent game-changer for how TV content is created. Think about it:

carisoprodol sale online has made television a richer two-way experience with fan participation. Nielsen’s online carisoprodol prescriptionshows how social TV amplifies the conversation and impacts ratings. Technology has created tools that allow the user to interact and gamify content as never before (location-based, virtual goods, augmented reality, QR codes, etc). Fans’ familiarity with and desire to experience TV content across devices other than TV has exploded.

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