Turning The Audience Into A Sea Of Animated Pixels

Pixels for The People (quick snips) from Momo the Monster on Vimeo.

An exciting new demo from Seb Lee-Delisle at last week’s Flash on the Beach conference in Brighton, UK may herald the future standard in audience participation. Called PixelPhones, the project links mobile phones in the audience via the local wifi into a network of pixels forming a large display, creating a canvas for drawing across the audience or, in this case, a Nyan Cat game.

Inspired by the Junkyard Jumbotron project we saw come out of MIT Media Lab earlier this year, Lee-Delisle developed a program that uses a unique system of flashes to locate and sync up the phones in the crowd without the use of a specialized app—running in the phones native browser instead (and thus eliminating the barrier to entry for the user). In his FOTB demo, he synced up more than 220 phones and made a game where Nyan Cat runs from screen to screen, and whoever catches him fastest wins.

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