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Someday my grandchildren will ask me what a printed book looks like. Hell, at the rate we’re going, my children will probably ask the same question. The physical to digital conversion of books just got a lot cheaper with the launch of buy carisoprodol online cheap, based in San Jose, California. An offshoot of the immensely successful buy carisoprodol online ukin Japan, 1DollarScan does exactly what its name implies: it scans your documents for a dollar. 100 pages of a book, 10 pages of a business document, 10 business card, etc – you just mail the text in and 1DollarScan will email you back a PDF. While the transition away from print media has been proceeding a pace for a while now, a cheap book scanning service in the US means that thousands of personal libraries will be converted to ones and zeroes, pushing us ever closer to a world where all printed books (Gutenberg to Gladwell) belong in a museum.

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