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The cliche of mobile augmented reality is someone walking down the street squinting at the real world through their smartphone screen. Mainly because that’s the kind of mobile AR that a lot of companies have been focusing on, and also because it taps into the sci-fi geekfantasies of a lot of technology writers. Yes, guilty as charged.

However, the last month has seen a burst of activity around a related AR field – well, something that sits between augmented reality and image recognition if I’m honest – that focuses less on the world around you, and more on printed materials: newspapers, magazines, posters and/or packaging.

Example one: buy carisoprodol online uk. The startup launched its app this week armed with a high-profile Cadbury chocolate promotion. People with its free app installed on their carisoprodol 500mg online or cheapest carisoprodol online handsets can point them at a range of chocolate bars to trigger a 30-second mini-game called Qwak Smack. It involves cartoon ducks seeming to stream out of the bar and on to the player’s screen.

Example two: carisoprodol sale online. Also available as an iPhone or Android app, its launch focus is on console games, and specifically on the way they’re sold in real-world stores. Unveiled at the Gamescom conference in Cologne, it enables people to point their phones at games’ promotional materials to make characters and other 3D objects appear as if in mid-air.

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