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Beijing has hosted many large scale new media art exhibitions this year, the most comprehensive of which opened this past Wednesday—the buy carisoprodol online cheap, presented at the buy carisoprodol online uk. This year’s exhibition explores the theme of “Translife,” addressing the deteriorating environment and other ecological issues.

As technology continues to pervade society more and more each day, art in Beijing now features plenty of new media styles. The Triennial showcases 53 works from 80 artists representing 23 countries, including a 13-piece “Weather Tunnel” section, which features a massive installation from our creator carisoprodol 500mg online and many works from the top students of the Chinese art academies. All of these works use new media methods to analyze many layers of possibilities in future life. Take a look at our favorite projects below.

Artificial Moon by cheapest carisoprodol online

carisoprodol sale online

This imaginary moon was constructed from 10,000 energy-saving bulbs.

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