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GamesBeat features a competition for gaming companies that have some kind of innovative or disruptive technology. This year, the competition features a lot of cool hardware and social games.

The winner gets a free iPad 2 from Trinet to is enrolled in the August round of Yatizen’s game accelerator class. That is similar to incubators like Y Combinator, which offer companies advice and a little bit of funding to get the company rolling.

Here are the participants for VentureBeat’s GamesBeat 2011 conference startup competition:

Metal Compass: The Israel-based company develops “real world” first-person shooter (FPS) games that use augmented reality. That means the phone serves as a “lens” for the game, turning the camera into a cross hair. When someone presses on the screen, it shoots a paintball wherever they are pointing the phone.

The company also develops toys that can transmit commands between the toy and the smartphone. The player plugs a smartphone into a toy — like a gun. The toy then registers a gunshot when the player pulls the trigger on the toy.

Haptify: This company adds haptic feedback — basically vibration — to smartphones and tablets. The application taps into the notification vibrations of the phone and then adds that to games. The application can produce more than 10,000 types of vibrations by tweaking the notification feature — like over-accelerating it or “breaking” it.

It’s funded by Immersion Corp, the company that brought “rumble” vibration technology to video game consoles like the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation. The company launched in march 2011 and is currently available for Android devices.

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