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I’m a die-hard paper fan. I have a few shelves of books in almost every room of the house and I love taking a stack of magazines or newspapers on a plane – this is so ingrained in my psyche that I actually save magazines a few weeks before a long trip so I have something to read. But slowly, ever so slowly, this love of paper is leaving me. First, I abandoned print journalism for the bare-knuckle punch-fest that is blogging, and then I stopped reading print books and instead took up the Kindle, then the iPad. I literally have not cracked a paperback or hardback for a full, long read in more than a year. I’m not writing this to prove my early adopter cred but because the thought amazes me.

I still read the NY Times in dead-tree form and, although for a little while I thought buy carisoprodol online cheapwould be the future of daily news, I think I’ll stick with the paper version for a few more months, at least until I wrap my head around the psychological process of reading generaldaily news online.

But the one thing I thought I’d never do was abandon my magazine habit. But slowly and surely magazines fell off my radar. First it was Wired because all the news in there I had read months before on the Internets. Then it was the Economist because I’d end up with a stack of magazines full of great stuff that I’d never read. I let my subscription to Fortune lapse and haven’t missed it. But if there’s one magazine I can’t get enough of in print form it’s the New Yorker.

I love the magazine. It has great, long pieces and funny marginalia. It has comics that I actually go through and consume before I read the actual articles. It has John Seabrook, whose buy carisoprodol online uk turned me on to tech writing, and Anthony Lane. It’s like an effete liberal adult’s Mad Magazine without the harping of Harpers and the boredom of the Atlantic Monthly. The cover was always great, it was slim, and thus a copy of the New Yorker has accompanied me on almost every trip I’ve taken in the past decade.

But I’m about to cancel my print subscription. Why? Because the iPad version is far superior.

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