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buy carisoprodol online uk participants answer the question: Do you think artists and technologists create things the same way?

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Creative processes vary so wildly, I’d feel like a jerk trying to generalize. I can only speak for myself as someone who loves to flirt with both art and tech, and what I’ve gleaned from the people I’m lucky enough to know in both fields. So just mentally prefix everything I’m about to say with a giant, blinking sign that says, “USUALLY.”

The biggest difference I’ve seen is that it seems like most artists start with an emotion they’re trying to evoke and that most geeks start with a problem they’re trying to solve. That stems from the roots of each: most technology has a practical purpose and most art doesn’t.

But the act of creation for both is similar: artists and technologists have a deep understanding of the capabilities and constraints of their medium — whether oils on canvas or Ruby on Rails. They know what works well and how to push the constraints of the medium to create something new. They’re experimenting and iterating and throwing stuff out constantly, borrowing from other works to various degrees — from spiritual inspiration to borderline plagiarism — all in a churning creative process to make something that’s both novel and accessible. Because we all just want to be loved, right?

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When I was a schoolteacher teaching art, my mission was to teach young people as many ways as possible for them to express themselves. Some loved ceramics, others love drawing, and others love to push the limits of the medium. With MakerBot, we support people by offering a machine that can make almost anything and it’s been wonderful seeing the creativity popping up at where MakerBot Operators share their innovation and art.

I’ve always pushed the edges of what’s possible. I push through to new technology by exploring the absurd and attempting the impossible. Should we have made a 3D printer that has an alternative frosting extruder attachment? There’s very little practical reason for that, but by prototyping it, we paved the way for silicon and clay 3D printing.

In regards to art. I am particularly fond of art that has a sense of intention to it. I love it when I can tell that the artist started something and had no idea how it would end, but does it anyway. That kind of intention is something you can smell on a painting and when you see it you know it. A good technology project has the same smell to it and you can tell when a project has an adventurous heart and soul embedded in its design. I want to leave as many possibilities open and explore the viability of the ones that are the most wonderful.

As technologists, we at MakerBot take an open source approach to innovation. We try the cheapest, most direct approach and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then we iterate. If it does work, we ship it!

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