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If someone asked you to describe energy, what would you say? Physics defines it as the capacity of a physical system to perform work, but it’s forever changing, it never really exists apart from in fluctuation, so even science doesn’t really fully understand what it is. And in addition to being problematic to define, the matter and means of producing it is a contentious issue as well, with ecological rows raging over how we can use it more efficiently and generate it without wiping out the planet. It seems energy poses plenty of problems but not many solutions. Perhaps such a complex issue deserves a more experimental approach?

That seems to be the thinking behind the buy carisoprodol online cheap buy carisoprodol online uk exhibition, which starts in London today and runs until May 28. Forming a kind of creative and intellectual melting pot, the exhibition brings together scientists, artists, and architects who were tasked with producing a series of collaborative works exploring our understanding (or lack of) of energy, tackling not only our misconceptions about energy, but also challenging the idea of a singular understanding of how the world works. Each installation looked at a different type of energy—electric, mechanical, potential, mass, sound, thermal, chemical, and gravitational—seeking to highlight how a cross-discipline route of inquiry fosters diverse thinking, freeing the participants from their standard viewpoint to look at energy in previously unseen ways—spatial, mystical, technical—which didn’t amount to solutions but did show how these different disciplines—scientist, architect, artist—can learn from one another and cross-pollinate their ideas.

The works can start from quite an abstract and theoretical place but through the process of collaboration become kinetic sculptures, multimedia pieces, sound art; merging cultural, scientific, and technical ways of thinking. Here’s a selection of some of the installations on show:

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