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The trouble with “3D Movies” is that they’re not 3D movies so much as “binocular movies.” The stereopsis 3D sense is just one of multiple perceptual functions binocular vision gives us, and it is not the most important. Evolutionary cognitive scientist Mark Changizi argues that “3D Movie” makers have been missing out on most of their creative space, because they have not recognized the full range of powers their binocular movies can harness.

At the end of January I was in San Francisco at the SPIE conference on Electronic Imaging, and attended a two-hour session demonstrating samples of state-of-the-art 3D videos from upcoming movies, video games, advertisements and artistic pieces. The general reaction of the several hundred people there was positive, and I enjoyed it as well.

But that might not be saying much, because most of us even enjoy looking at static stereo images, even ridiculously simple ones such as a square floating in front of a background. The success of the Magic Eyestereo books, for example, relied upon our easy-to-please appetite for 3D.

The question is not whether 3D films are fun. Of course they are, even the bad ones. The question is whether 3D filmmakers can do better. 3D movies are still in their infancy, relatively speaking, and there are technical communities (like the conference I attended) scrambling to make the 3D experience better. I have no doubt they will.

But I believe they are destined to achieve only cosmetic changes around the edges, rather than revolutionary breakthroughs in the experience. And there is a simple reason for this: 3D movies are not 3D movies. Or, rather, they are much more than that: They are binocular movies.

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