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For years I’ve been thinking and writing about the future of the book, buy carisoprodol online cheap the e-book a stopgap measure at best. More than 100 years ago the first movie cameras were used to film theatrical performances, but it took visionary directors like Sergei Eisenstein and Fritz Lang to untether the camera from tradition and lead the way to a new art form: cinema. With the convergence of technology, media and social platforms, and greater interconnectedness, I see a similar dynamic today occurring with books.

The result is an interactive “transmedia” prequel to his forthcoming novel, BZRK. Six months before its February 2012 publication date, Grant, teaming with Alex LeMay, a TV and film director who doubles as CEO of The Shadow Gang, a multimedia production company based in Chicago, launched the first salvo in the form of an alternate reality game (ARG) involving a buy carisoprodol online uk.

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I’m sure all of us were told bedtime stories by our parents when we were young. Each night they would flip through the pages and then stop at the next chapter to keep us all in suspense until the next night. In today’s digital climate, stories can now be accessed through a smartphone or tablet and chapters continue from a blog to a YouTube channel.

This is transmedia storytelling..

How does transmedia redefine storytelling? Instead of the traditional process of reading a story from one page to the next, the story is scattered across the various media platforms that are available to us. We have the ability to go from one emergent technology to the next and engage in multiple ways. Transmedia goes beyond storytelling and allows us to participate in, as well as create the storyline as we evolve from reader to co-creator.

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So what exactly is transmedia? It’s something new and exciting, but according to Adam Neuhaus, “Disney has been doing it forever. I mean look at the rides.”

All four of the panelist (Zachary Lieberman, Evan Schectman, Adam Neuhaus and Greg Brunkalla) agree that the idea of transmedia is storytelling across multiple platforms and that technology is a tool for deepening it.

Technology is key in transmedia. “If you have an idea, the technology is available, just go do it,” said Lieberman.

“The fundamental basis of this idea is how to get the audience to interact,” said Greg Brunkalla, the creative mind behind the T-Mobile Angry Birds commercial.

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The 180 Microcinema Festival (180) will be all about transmedia this year.

In a nutshell, the 180 is an annual online event where filmmakers showcase their works in the Narrative, Documentary and Experimental categories. However, unlike existing festivals in the country, 180 only accepts films that are 180-seconds long (three minutes). In addition, filmmakers can also utilize unconventional tools in filmmaking.

“Transmedia,” as explained by the festival’s Communications Director Rocky Camus to Bulletin Entertainment and other members of the media last Oct. 13, is a new way of filmmaking where the audience – specifically the netizens – is involved in the actual process.

“Audience involvement becomes multidimensional. The Internet community can help filmmakers in several ways: from creating content, giving the film publicity and even funding the film. And at the same time making the whole project a hobby, an experience. Something bigger than just a movie,” he said.

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Last week I wrote about carisoprodol bula anvisa. The latter succeed with characterization because we’re allowed inside the characters’ heads. In the games, we only see their tough, impersonal personas, which makes it hard to care about them.

But this is not to say that the books are above any criticism. In fact, they’re missing a very important element of the Gears universe: action (something which the games happen to excel at). The fact that both pieces of media complement each other so well makes me wonder if this is just a coincidence or some kind of expertly planned transmedia formula.

Karen Travis, the author of the books, is more interested in what a character is thinking during a fight than the fight itself. And since we’re reading about the fight from such a limited perspective, it’s hard to follow what’s going on. Even when she does go into detail about firing formations and such, it’s only very basic descriptions. She doesn’t set the scene or describe the landscape in any detail, so it’s hard to picture the layout of a battle. During a major battle against exploding enemies on an oil rig, she writes about the characters running along catwalks and climbing ladders, but as I read it, I realize that I don’t want to read about this battle. I want to play it.

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Last year it was just a buzz. This year, it’s a trend, and a reality. Now we know that Transmedia is powerful enough to reshape both knowledge and perceptions. But it could also help us to make the world a better place.

At the end of a “Hard Day’s Night,” Nicoletta Iacobacci, Head of Multiplatform at the buy generic soma, a consortium of European public broadcasters,  explained to Forbes in a video why she promoted and curated a special buy soma on line, as well as why she wanted to host it in Rome.

“Transmedia has the power to create pro-active communities and to connect generations,” she wrote on the eve of the event. “And with three typical Italian trademarks of passion, courage and magic to make the world better. Rome,  for its history, is the Italian town that best enfolds these characteristics, which is why I decided to hold the event there.

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Publishers must explore transmedia approaches to engage children whose lives revolve increasingly around gaming, online communities and social networking, The Bookseller‘s annual children’s conference, sponsored by Huzutech and Dubit Research, heard last week (29th September).

Jeff Norton of Awesome Media & Entertainment urged delegates at the event, held at the British Library, to “think not about platforms, but audiences”. Peter Robinson of cross-media research company Dubit Research said: “Kids expect a presence for a story across platforms. There are so many ways that kids can consume a story.”

Egmont m.d. Cathy Poplak said BZRK—the company’s first experiment with transmedia, which has seen a young adult thriller series launch as a cross-platform project, beginning with an alternate reality game and social networking—has had 87,000 visitors to website to buy somasince its September launch.

“In the industry we want to turn children on to the joy of reading. I still believe in the universal appeal of a good story, but have to accept that some children can’t see the story for the book,” Poplak said. However, she stressed the need to remain grounded in the storytelling basics publishers know best, with BZRK’s plotline and characters created by “practised, professional” writer Michael Grant, working in a traditional relationship with his editor.

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Everything is a Remix is a four part web-film series directed and produced by Kirby Ferguson. It has been about a year since the first segment (above) was released. Since then, Ferguson has released parts two and three. The fourth and final installment is scheduled to be released this Fall of 2011, and I look forward to viewing it.

When I viewed part one, I really liked it, and thought that the title, while it may sound polemical to some degree (in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way), somewhat falls along the lines of how I view and have been discussing Remix as a form of discourse during the past few years. However, once I viewed the other two segments, I realized that the way some of the material is presented begins to water down the very foundation of the term “remix.”

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This is an interesting example of transmedia. For me the biggest appeal is the invitation for anyone to contribute to the story.  I would like to see this project expanded to cities and small towns all over the world.

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Los Angeles production house Halo-8 Entertainment is banking on nonlinear storytelling with its upcoming delivery platform EtherFilms, which will give viewers greater control over how movies and other media unfold. For example, the interactive transmedia platform might serve up an extended version of a particularly fascinating interview or let the viewer dive into a comic book mentioned in a documentary.

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