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Indium tin oxide supplies could be exhausted in a decade

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Key raw material used to make touchscreens may run out in the next decade

Just as we are all getting used to being surrounded by touchscreen gadgets in our daily lives, it looks like we could be heading towards a serious manufacturing problem within the next few years, according to New Scientist.

Indium tin oxide is one of the key raw materials used to make touchscreens for our tablet PCs, smartphones and gadgets, yet the latest warnings are that supplies may well run out in the next decade.

Indium is an expensive by-product of lead and zinc mining. Indium tin oxide has a rare ability to be able to conduct an electrical current while also being optically transparent like glass – hence that cool touch-control on your iPhone.

Smartphone touchscreens are now based on the concept of touch-control by the finger, which is conductive, and allows us to do away with those old-fashioned and unwieldy styluses.

However, Yale University’s buy carisoprodol online uk warns that stocks of indium are running low and are likely to be exhausted by 2020.

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Traditionally, companies have held their internal analytics and data information tight, trade secrets that would allow the competition to gain the upper hand if they were disclosed. And while the majority of companies continue to covetously hold on to their internal data–notoriously secret Apple comes to mind–a handful are instead turning toward opening their data and operating transparently. The benefits can transcend tech-industry inside baseball statistics, as evidenced by a new post on dating site OK Cupid’s blog OK Trends, “Gay Sex vs. Straight Sex”.

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Amazon on Tuesday released a new application for Apple’s iPad that it said offered “a complete rewrite” of designed specifically, and exclusively, to work on the iPad.

The app, watson carisoprodol online, is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store. It makes it simple to browse Amazon’s millions of items in a more efficient and speedier way than navigating the  cumbersome Web site.

Amazon’s decision to create this app is striking because the iPad, with its iBookstore, competes with one of Amazon’s core businesses: the Kindle and the Kindle bookstore. What’s more, Apple has an aggressive advertising campaign for its iBookstore, directly targeting potential Kindle customers. Amazon also makes an app that allows books from its Kindle bookstore to be read on the iPad.

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Apple has launched its online store for Chinese customers. The store offers the iPhone 4, iPad, iPod and Mac computers, together with options such as custom configuration for the Mac, free personalized engraving on any iPod or iPad model, and free shipping.

Also, the Chinese Apple store is the only place online where you can buy the iPod nano’s (PRODUCT) RED variant.


The Chinese Apple store is located at carisoprodol online cheap.

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As preparation for my SIBOS Long Now Innotribe sessions next week I’ve been talking to lots of geeks, thought leaders, bloggers and innovators about what comes next. This is by no means an extensive list, but here are a few of the disruptive innovations that are coming our way in the next couple of decades or perhaps sooner.

The end of content, the rise of data
As we have to deal with more and more content, data and stuff coming our way, we’re going to have to treat all content as data and start to manage, curate and aggregate the stream. There’s a bunch of interesting initiatives at the moment that are starting to have a shot at this like Flipboard (which I love), My6sense, Google’s priority inbox. But one thing we know is that we will increasingly need help to manage the massive amount of data we’re receiving. Ultimately, I’m going with the concept of an agent avatar that acts as your proxy in collecting, filtering, and prioritizing your data. Your agent would also be contextualizing content and recommending actions or strategies based on context, behavior, location, etc.

The network of things
Your fridge, kettle, oven, airconditioner talking to the internet? Why? The network of things and the man-machine interface is more about integrating ‘things’ more seamlessly into our lives than having a fridge you can surf the web on. The fact is that if you look at our TV today, it actually makes more sense for your TV to get content from the web, than from cable or the airwaves. It makes more sense for your radio to do the same. This is because increasingly the ‘data’ will be tailored to our needs, wants, habits, etc. So our car, our home, our devices will interact with us more efficiently due to this connectivity. For example, your car’s nav system will know where you have to drive because of the appointment you just made on your iPhone 7…

Use of cloud
Ok, so we are hearing lots about ‘cloud’ computing these days, but the cloud will be about the computer disappearing. The fact is that a laptop or desktop computer as they become increasingly mobile, will morph into something else. It won’t also be necessary to have supercomputer-like power built into your handheld device, because by accessing the cloud you’ll have access to supercomputing power without needing it in the device. A good initial example of this is dragon dictate who have an iPhone app that uses the cloud to process your speech to text, rather than loading all that goodness on the device locally.

We’re seeing a lot of thought being put into design today. Apple is a great example of an organization who gets the need for great design. More than that though, we’re thinking about designed intelligence, behavioral economics, usability, ethonographics, and more. The next 25 years will be about simplicity and great design. Complexity is not valued in world that tends towards greater complexity.

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StreetMapper GIS, a new version of the mobile laser mapping system with an integrated panoramic camera, has been launched by 3D Laser Mapping and IGI mbH. StreetMapper GIS is easy to mount on any type of vehicle and offers a cost effective solution for collection of street level asset information for use in geographical information systems (GIS) or other desktop software solutions.

Being offered as an entry-level version of the renowned StreetMapper 360, the system has a single vehicle-mounted laser enabling high precision mapping to a range of 300 metres, a capacity of 300,000 measurements per second and exceptional recorded accuracies. StreetMapper GIS also includes an integrated high-resolution digital camera to capture street level images along the survey route recording features that can be tagged directly to the GIS database.

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Okay, not technically a road cycling product this but when we saw the Zeal Transcend GPS goggle we all felt like we were 12 again. You know the baddies in those movies who have the special zoom binoculars that superimpose lots of vital information over the (invariably green) image? Well, that’s what these bins are like, kind of.

What Boulder-based Zeal Optics have done with their well-regarded winter sports goggles is team up with Vancouver-based Recon Instruments to shoehorn a GPS head-up display into the lens so you can access a bunch of information. Obviously this data wasn’t readily available on the fly to snowboarders and skiers before, so it’s a big leap forward for them.

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Reversing cameras on cars and buy soma custom hrt aren’t new, but Fujitsu has been working on a full 360-degree system that could give a seamless view around a vehicle from just four cameras.  The wrap-around video system consists of the new pharma q buy soma online and the companionpoker q buy soma; the end result is a buy cheap generic soma hemispheric view of the vehicle’s surroundings from a dynamically definable perspective or “free eye point.”

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While the whole tech world goes into speculation overdrive over the smallest shred of gossip about today’s Apple “back to the Mac” event, the real future of buy soma online said make is on your coffee table. buy soma no online prescription is a project of buy generic soma in brisbane pharmacy which seeks to eradicate the traditional mouse-keyboard-screen interface. LuminAR utilizes a specialized Pico-projector that can project a where can i buy soma interface onto any surface–coffee stains and all. The system is able to read your hand movements so as to form a working touchscreen interface–literally, anywhere.

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This summer GeekTech told you about a cool best place to buy soma, which was made out of Lego bricks. Now another hacker has come up with an even more advanced Lego printer, using a threebuy soma without a prescription bricks and nine NXT motors. A 3D Lego printer!

The printer, dubbed the buy soma soft tabs online cheap, is made from a giant 2400 Lego bricks and uses a where buy soma. You submit a soma buy online file (that’s Mike’s Lego Computer-Aided Design) of what you want to “print” to the Java application, and it will convert the file into something the printer can build (out of Lego, of course). The instructions are sent via USB.

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