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It is unofficially/officially/whatever-ly the year of the GIF. Even though it seems like the year of the GIF has been going on for the past two years or so, this year the OED named “GIF” their USA word of the year and it turned 25 years old, ergo it’s the year of the GIF. That’s how it works.

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Matjaz Tancic is an established Slovenian fashion photographer, who’s lately been experimenting with shooting in 3D (much like Creator Sebastian Denz). After working in Europe for many years, Tancic’s currently based in Beijing, where he captures China’s historical spirit, the transient city landscape, and the daring new architectural designs in highly-polished fashion shoots. His ongoing 3D photography series titled “Mimicry” consists of large format, exhibition-worthy pictures that explore the idea of subjects blending with nature in unfamiliar, cold surroundings.

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A collection of examples from the Prosthetic Knowledge Tumblr archive and around the web on experiments which take the familiar animated GIF format and take it out of its 2D origins.

This has been a good year for the Animated GIF— not only has it reached its 25th birthday, it has also become America’s word of the year according to Oxford Dictionaries USA. It has been one of the internet’s most creative canvases since it’s availability, whether it has been employed in early homegrown HTML pages, to communities such as B3ta, YTMND, 4Chan and others. From it’s continued popularity, some creatives have explored ways to take the animated GIF into new contexts. Here are a few examples:


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The cityscape timelapse video is a tried-and-true YouTube favorite. But this video, shot in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, may just take the genre to a whole new level. It uses quick cuts, neck-twisting camera angles and a pumped up soundtrack to mesmerizing effect.

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Getting your picture taken by Google Street View twice was just luck? Or did you have an idea that they were photographing the neighborhood? What are your thoughts on Street View?

Yes yes, it was just luck. I had no control.

Street view is a great tool but the way it was implemented (imposed) was, in my opinion, at least questionable. They made private agreements with governments to scan the globe skipping any kind of people’s feedback, people who happen to be the subjects, beside the public environment, of this pretty intrusive practice.

I would be interested to know if these agreements were “economic”. This is an important step because in the end all the Street View material is copyrighted and private owned, resulting in contradiction with the subject matter, and of course, above all when you find yourself featured in it twice.

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Think you could tell the story of the human race in only 100 pictures?

That’s the challenge that buy soma on line tackled when he conceived The Last Pictures five years ago. The goal of the project is to record a montage of human life and achievements onto a medium that can last until intelligent life in the distant future discovers it, even if it takes a billion years for them to find it.

The aim isn’t simply to create a visual history of humanity necessarily, but a collection that synergistically offers more depth and narrative about human civilization. As Paglen describes it: “The Last Pictures isn’t really an archive so much as a kind of silent film or visual poem.”

Now on November 20, the special archival disc dubbed “the Artifact” with the images etched onto it is scheduled to buy cheap soma, which will reside in a geosynchronous orbit for the next 15 years until it is retired into a satellite junkyard. There it will sit potentially until Earth is no longer habitable and humans are either far away or extinct.

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Oxford American Dictionaries has named GIF, the acronym for graphical image format, its soma buy discrete. “Like so many other relics of the 80s, it has never been trendier,” said the head of US dictionaries at the press.

Now, it’s certainly true that animated GIFs, images that display an endless loop of frames, buy cheap soma generic in the 2010s, even buy generic soma in brisbane in the just-completed US presidential election. But it’s worth noting that, as an image format, GIF has never been less popular.

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When buy soma cheap photographed Kodak Canada’s final employee meeting in the parking lot on the last day of manufacturing in 2005, he assumed it was an isolated act of corporate downsizing — the winding down of one facility to safeguard Kodak’s other operations. He now knows he was seeing the first domino fall. Two years later, Burley was in Rochester, NY, the spiritual home and headquarters of the once-giant analog film manufacturer.

“Kodak was blowing up one huge building after the other,” says Burley a photographer and associate professor at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts in Toronto, Canada.

But the decimation of the film industry didn’t stop with Kodak. Burley stumbled into a multi-year project for which he was to photograph the demise of multiple companies.

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Sometimes life just passes by, and you don’t have a photo to show for it.

Memoto is the solution to your memory-woes. This tiny, postage-sized, wearable device is an automatic camera, snapping photos every 30 seconds while you go about your day.

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Could you imagine the possibilities of a flying camera? No longer would friends need to take photos at parties when a robotic friend could hover about and snap photos throughout the event. The possibilities are limitless and could become a reality with a new hovering camera.

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