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3D has the enthusiastic support of every video manufacturer in the world right now but is in desperate need of a killer application to become a consumer electronics success the likes of DVD-Video, satellite TV or HDTV. With HDTV it was sports that drove the content side of the format’s success and 3D is looking at the same roadmap for success. At Sony’s gracious launch of 3D, they highlighted their relationship with ESPN who just began broadcasting 3D programming on a dedicated channel for the World Cup Soccer matches. So for people with a 3D set and a feed from the likes of DirecTV, Comcast and/or AT&T U-verse – you can get an early look at what the video companies are betting will be the future of television. ESPN and Sony have more content coming, including the MLB Home Run Derby and college football. They were showing content from this year’s Master’s golf tournament as well. For 3D to be successful they have to overcome many issues but more important that the tech issues, the service provider issues, and issues with the 3D glasses is the lack of content – and sports is the easiest, cheapest, most popular solution.

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The history and growth of electronic media has been marked by some key events, when explosions of audience interest took new media to new plateaus. Arguably the John F. Kennedy assassination and the first moon landing were landmark events in television coverage that went far beyond U.S. audiences. CNN’s compelling coverage of the first Gulf War put cable news on the map and was the first stake (of many) into the hearts of the print newsweeklies.

According to Nielsen, a record 106.5 million people watched the New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts in this year’s Super Bowl. That’s the biggest audience for a televised event in the U.S. ever, beating the finale of “M*A*S*H,” which averaged almost 106 million viewers when it ran in 1983. Certainly the television landscape has changed since 1983, when there were 83.3 million television homes in the U.S. (now there are about 115 million) — and the biggest change is the proliferation of screens on which to connect to big events.

When it comes to big-event programming, it’s becoming clear that multiplatform viewing is more friend than foe to television ratings. “The growth of social media creates a national water cooler for viewers to share thoughts and trade quips about what they’re watching. Someone watching the game alone can now feel like they are watching it at a party without having to worry about cleaning up dishes later,” says the L.A. Times.

The World Cup — and the U.S. win over Algeria yesterday — is a seminal moment for multiplatform media consumption. Last Friday’s disputed tie between the U.S. and Slovenia resulted in’s largest audience ever, 798,911 unique viewers. From June 11 through June 18, close to 3.4 million unique users logged on to stream part of the tournament. Univision Interactive Media is making live video of the matches available on television, online, mobile and video-on-demand. To date, the tournament has delivered over 180 million page views and 23.3 million visits across platforms for Univision Interactive. Besides live video, the World Cup has also captured the attention of mobile users — who generated 1.8 million video views during the tournament’s first week — along with Web radio listeners. During the final moments of the U.S. Slovenia game, reached nearly 100,000 concurrent listeners.

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Notice everything is in focus except for the TV screen.

Yesterday was a hot, dry summer day, perfect for a ‘triple play’ – the CEA summer Line Show on 34th Street, Mitsubishi’s New York press exhibition, and Pepcomm’s Digital Experience tabletop shmoozefest to cap off the evening.

I decided to visit Mits first, and will have a separate report on the sole remaining player in DLP rear-projection TVs. After that, I hiked on uptown to the CEA event, where I met up with colleague and friend Ken Werner of Insight Media to tour the show floor.

Our first stop was the Sony booth, where numerous Bravia 3D LCD sets were showing the Germany – Ghana World Cup match in 3D. There was plenty of comfortable seating, so Ken and I each grabbed a pair of Sony 3D glasses to check out the action.

Whoa! What’s this? I could clearly see ghost images of each player racing around the field, a phenomenon that only got worse with a slight tilt of my head. Ken picked up on it, too. As I tilted my head even more, the ghosting (crosstalk) got even worse, rendering the images largely unwatchable at about a 30-degree angle to either side.

Looking even more clearly, we both found that, even with our heads perfectly level to the screen, we were seeing dark gray ghost images of each player (Ghana was wearing white), and these ghosts changed from dark gray to white as we tilted out heads just 20 degrees to either side.

Yikes! I sure wouldn’t want to see THAT on my home 3D TV. It would be back at the store faster than you could say ‘vuvuzela!’

How bad was the crosstalk? To put my money where my mouth is, I whipped out my trusty Sanyo Xacti HD digital camcorder, placed it directly behind one of the lenses, and shot a series of photos to show you exactly what I saw as I rotated the glasses to either side of the TV screen.

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3D glasses from Toshiba (credit:Toshiba)

3D display, film, and game technology has progressed rapidly in the past ten years. 3D is now beginning to appear on the consumer market, with even more devices and media scheduled for release next year. While many people are excited by the new possibilities of 3D technology in the home and office, some have expressed concern that 3D displays aren’t ready for mass consumption. Others have expressed concern over viewer safety and possible side-effects of extended 3D viewing. Is 3D technology ready for prime time?

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So this is football in 3D.

The World Cup is giving TV-viewing soccer fans even more to cheer about. The tournament kicked off what TV makers, networks – and advertisers – hope is a new dimension in home sports viewing.

Although most TV makers have had 3D TVs in stores for only a few months – only 4 million to 7 million are expected to be sold worldwide by year’s end – ESPN launched its 3D channel with World Cup matches including South Africa vs. Mexico. On Friday, the U.S. makes its 3D debut at 9 a.m. ET vs. Slovenia. ESPN 3D is available on DirecTV, Comcast and AT&T; about 45 million homes.

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Apparently, products in the burgeoning buy soma market are so expensive that Monster’s new universal glasses actually seem somewhat affordable.

Monster, a company best known and lambasted for selling products like a buy generic soma, has debuted its first accessory for the 3D market, a pair of universal active shutter glasses. The company claims its Monster Vision Max 3D glasses are “the world’s first and only universal wireless 3D eyewear ‘shutter system.'” They are programmed to work with all brands of stereoscopic 3D buy soma on line. Currently, only manufacturer-specific glasses work with the stereoscopic standard. So, Samsung 3D TVs only work with Samsung 3D glasses.

One negative aspect of Monster’s solution is that the Max 3D glasses require a separate transmitter. On the buy cheap soma side, though, this eliminates eye strain caused by the infrared signal that current 3D TVs use to communicate with their branded glasses.

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Viewers with new 3-D compatible television sets or other special access will have the chance to see the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway on July 3 in 3-D, buy canada soma announced today.

NASCAR’s first foray into 3-D programming will be available through TNT RaceBuddy on NASCAR.COM as well as through DIRECTV.

To see the race in 3-D, viewers will need a 3-D TV or PC display with compatible 3-D glasses. Learn more about the hardware and software required to view the 3-D production online at

The 3-D production on NASCAR.COM and DIRECTV will feature two custom 3-D racing feeds. The first will provide racing action “from strategically placed cameras around the track designed to maximize the effect of 3-D,” a NASCAR statement said. The second stream will provide 3-D coverage of pit stops on pit road.

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Something funny happened on the stage of Sony’s press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year. Kaz Hirai, Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, stood on stage and proclaimed the PlayStation 3 will do for buy cheap soma in australia what it did for Blu-ray.

Um, no.

There is a huge difference at the consumer level between Blu-ray and 3D when it comes to the PS3. Notably, anyone with a PS3 can play a Blu-ray. No, you don’t need an expensive HDTV to enjoy the format, although noting any differences between Blu-ray and DVD would be unheard of on this type of set-up.

Of course, many people do have HDTVs, an buy soma cheap they likely made in the past few years. It took some time to make that shift into the mainstream, and we are now at the point where buying a standard definition TV at the likes of Best Buy is now rendered impossible. Many spent a few grand on their new home theater and are quite happy with that. Who could blame them?

Now, in a miniscule amount of time, people are being asked to upgrade yet again. PS3 owners were bombarded with 3D demonstrations during the show, and buy soma paypal to certain games are available for download via the PlayStation Network for free, turning them into showcases. That’s great and all, but you are asking consumers to spend thousands of dollars more to turn over their likely new equipment into 3D-capable sets.

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Note: The following is basically a press release, but still worth sharing to get a sense on the development of 3-D in the private sector. excerpt:

According to the report, although Samsung and Sony are launching various 3D products in the European market, the market’s reaction is still lukewarm. In contrast, in the Japan market, a variety of products such as photo frames, cameras and game consoles have been launched and the market is expected to grow at a rapid pace. At the same time, the origin of the 3D boom, the U.S market takes on an aspect that says that the content-based development and 3D display market is growing rapidly.

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With the opening kickoff to the FIFA World Cup 2010 just a day away, it appears the grand vision of watching games in 3D will be limited in Canada. That’s a big knock against a global tournament that manufacturers and broadcasters had hoped would be the seminal event to usher in a new age of broadcasting.

The original plan announced by FIFA several months ago was to show all 25 3D broadcasts at more than 800 digitally equipped cinemas around the globe. Here in Canada, Cineplex Odeon initially showed interest in April saying the spectacle would be “well-received by our audience.” A month later the theatre chain declared it had no plans to show games.

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