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Google just launched a new layout for search results about places. To the right of the text search results, there’s now a panel that shows a map view along with photos and business details. Certain businesses will have the little buy carisoprodol online uk on their images. Clicking him will take you into a 360-degree interior view of the place.

Other places in the search results have a “>>” symbol that instantly opens the same preview. The new layout and 3D features will come to restaurants, landmarks, museums, hotels and more. The features will roll out in more than 40 languages over the next few weeks. It’s a flashy feature, but Google has its reasons.

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The app stores are teeming with new releases, but who has time to go through them all? We do. Bringing you a selection of the most interesting, creative, and innovative apps each week. Submit your suggestions for next week in the comments below.

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Billing itself as the “world’s first multi-cam video production iPhone app with live editing and director-to-camera communication”, this app could help you shoot that short film on your mobile, what with phone cameras being the new super 8 and the astounding video quality of cameras like the ordering carisoprodol online. You can link together iDevices over wifi to give you a virtual video switcher and communication control room where you can stream up to four cameras, which can sync to the director’s phone so you can record and edit and silently cue the camera.

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Microsoft researchers are set to launch Project Greenwich, a website that helps users assemble and chronologically organize content about a person, event, or any other subject. The site, to launch in beta on October 31, allows users to archive uploaded items, such as photos and scans of objects, alongside links to existing Web content around a horizontal timeline marked with dates. Different timelines can be combined and displayed on the same page or merged.

Project Greenwich users attach images, maps, and other visual content, plus accompanying text, to relevant dates on their timelines. Each entry, which a viewer can click to see in full, is illustrated with thumbnail pictures in chronological order to show it in the context of other entries, and potentially alongside other timelines.

“We are interested in the creative act of reflecting on the past,” says Richard Banks, lead designer on the project. “Actually sitting down and spending time creatively thinking about the past by making a photo album or a timeline is very different to existing online content being ordered chronologically.”

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An exciting new demo from carisoprodol bula anvisa at last week’s carisoprodol buy online conference in Brighton, UK may herald the future standard in audience participation. Called PixelPhones, the project links mobile phones in the audience via the local wifi into a network of pixels forming a large display, creating a canvas for drawing across the audience or, in this case, a how to order carisoprodol online game.

Inspired by the soma carisoprodol online project we saw come out of MIT Media Lab earlier this year, Lee-Delisle developed a program that uses a unique system of flashes to locate and sync up the phones in the crowd without the use of a specialized app—running in the phones native browser instead (and thus eliminating the barrier to entry for the user). In his FOTB demo, he synced up more than 220 phones and made a game where Nyan Cat runs from screen to screen, and whoever catches him fastest wins.

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Launching today at TechCrunch Disrupt, buy soma generic onlineis a Facebook app that takes advantage of the social graph and the fact that most of us spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook in order to help people learn a language.

PlaySay uses images to represent the fundamental components of language learning, allowing basic language learners to build or deconstruct Facebook status updates word by word and image by image. The theory is that users will be more enthusiastic about learning languages with their friends in an environment they are already comfortable with.

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Sydney-based digital artist Yiying Lu has unveiled her latest creation that uses augmented reality (AR) to uncover an underworld of interactivity on walls.

Lu is Co-Founder & Creative Director of Walls 360, a company that creates on-demand custom wall graphics of Lu’s digital designs. People can order the artwork online and stick them on their walls at home or in the office.

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buy soma online said make, the Finland and US-based startup that allows images to be embedded with rich media such as audio and video, has announced a partnership with buy soma no online prescription which will see images on Web pages become able to sell you event tickets directly.

Using ThingLink’s Rich Media Tags platform, buy generic soma in brisbane pharmacy, anyone promoting an event using Eventbrite will be able to sell tickets directly from an image which can be embedded on a website.

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Magazine publisher Condé Nast has added to its diverse portfolio of mobile app offerings with the release of Goings On for buy soma without a prescription and buy soma soft tabs online cheap, a free, ad-supported app for browsing arts and culture events from the New Yorker’s where buy soma. In addition to event listings, reviews and useful maps, the app offers audio tours of stores, restaurants, neighborhoods and more by New Yorker authors.

This free app supplementing the magazine plays a similar role to Condé’ssoma buy online. The publisher isn’t just making magazine apps – it’s creating an ecosystem.

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Developers have already flocked to Evernote’s note-taking platform in droves to provide its buy cheap generic soma online with additional utility. Now, six new application makers will vie for the crown of most inventive Evernote application or integration and compete for $100,000 in prizes.

The book buy cheap soma guest site, being revealed Tuesday, are Colorstache, MyWorld, Notablemeals, Sniptastic, Touchanote and Zendone. Community members are being encouraged to vote for their favorites.

The finalists range from the practical to the fantastical. Zendone and Colorstache are more sensible in nature, for instance. Zendone focuses on applying a “Getting Things Done” methodology to notes, while Colorstache lets Evernote users browse and search for notes by Color.

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In the continuing backlash against the Murdoch Empire, a Firefox add-on has just been released that warns a user when they arrive at a website owned by NewsCorp or any subsidiaries, such as Fox News or the NY Post.

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buy cheap soma from canada was just created on Mozilla today, and the designer gave News Junkie Post an exclusive first look at it. The initial release version is 0.2 and comes with greasemonkey script for people who want to tweak it.

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In addition to Mozilla’s release of Murdoch Alert, there’s also an extension for buy soma no shipped cod.

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