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Did This Amazing Video Just Reinvent the Timelapse Genre?

The cityscape timelapse video is a tried-and-true YouTube favorite. But this video, shot in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, may just take the genre to a whole new level. It uses quick cuts, neck-twisting camera angles and a pumped up soundtrack to mesmerizing effect.

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Projection Mapping Live Performance Art

Flying Camera Captures Your Life From Above [VIDEO]


Could you imagine the possibilities of a flying camera? No longer would friends need to take photos at parties when a robotic friend could hover about and snap photos throughout the event. The possibilities are limitless and could become a reality with a new hovering camera.

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Black & White (In Colour)

This video is refreshing to see in our digitized media culture.  Not saying let’s get rid of digital effects but there is something charming about non-digitized effects.

@thexavius: portrait of an Instagram Artist

There’s no better sign of something becoming too popular, mainstream, than a parody or satire.

Chris Cunningham Unveils His Most Intense Project Yet (And It Includes Robots And Lazers)

Chris Cunningham: jaqapparatus1 on


Chris Cunningham‘s gloomy, sexy, twisted style of video appeals to everyone’s dark side, and it’s brought on collaborations with all types of artists—seriously, he’s the only guy who has done both Squarepusher and Aphex Twin videos punctuated by one for Madonna.

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Watching The Olympics on TV Is Still About Collective Participation

Image source: Washington Post

By Eduardo Navas

Note: This text appeared previously on Huffington post.  Since its original publication on August 8, 2012, NBC decided to at least make available live streaming of the closing ceremonies. Other than this, much of what is observed in the following commentary remains relevant.

Viewers well versed in media expect delivery-on-demand for major events. This has created a peculiar tension when viewing prime-time Olympic coverage consisting of competitions that previously took place throughout the day, but which were not broadcasted live on TV. After the first week of events, it appears that audiences are tuning-in to NBC’s evening broadcast in larger numbers than previous Olympics, and this has become the network’s main justification for holding out on selected events until prime-time.

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Lens Lets iPhone Users Shoot 3D Images & Videos [Video]

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Maker Of NAO Robots Releases Mashed-Up Video Highlighting Our Robot Future

Aldebaran Robotics, maker of the NAO robot, has released a recruiting video seeking “Europe’s best engineering talents” to help it build the next phase of the NAO dream team. The video titled “Shape the World” mashes up clips from movies (I Robot, Wall-E, Star Wars), commericals (Audi, Nike, Philips, Saturn) and even a video from Björk to profile the coolness of the robot world.

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