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How To Shoot In 3D With Fashion Photographer Matjaz Tancic

Matjaz Tancic is an established Slovenian fashion photographer, who’s lately been experimenting with shooting in 3D (much like Creator Sebastian Denz). After working in Europe for many years, Tancic’s currently based in Beijing, where he captures China’s historical spirit, the transient city landscape, and the daring new architectural designs in highly-polished fashion shoots. His ongoing 3D photography series titled “Mimicry” consists of large format, exhibition-worthy pictures that explore the idea of subjects blending with nature in unfamiliar, cold surroundings.

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Visualitee introduces new augmented reality apparel

Augmented reality apparel growing in popularity

Augmented reality apparel is becoming more of a reality as the technology becomes more common. Visualitee, a purveyor of augmented reality apparel, has announced the launch of a new line of high-tech t-shirts for tech-savvy consumers. Every shirt associated with the company’s new line contains an augmented reality experience, which can be unlocked using a smart phone equipped with an augmented reality application. The t-shirts are backed by augmented reality technology from Zappar.

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Google Glass Graces the Runway at New York Fashion Week

Google Glass and Google co-founder Sergey Brin made a surprise appearance at New York Fashion Week Sunday afternoon.

Models walked down the runway at Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection show wearing Glass, the upcoming headset/eyewear device that Google is developing. The augmented reality-enhanced glasses have many smartphone-like functions: users can take pictures, record video, receive messages and check calendars, among other things.

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How Many Kids Made Your Clothes? A New App Will Tell You Before You Buy

Each year, factories, fields, and workshops around the world see about 215 million children ages 5 to 17 engaged in child labor, estimates the International Labor Union (ILO). While most of this is on the farm, a significant number of children spend their childhoods churning out mass-market (and high-end) clothing for import to the West.

The U.S. Department of Labor, touring the global economy’s factories and back-alley workshops from China to Africa, found children “work[ing” in locked shops, with armed guards preventing entrance and exit during work hours,” laboring as much as six or seven days a week for subsistence wages and no overtime. Tasks range from sewing buttons, cutting and trimming threads, folding, moving, packing garments, to more hazardous and deadly activities.

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Augmented reality apparel becoming more of a realistic

Fashion industry continues to show interest in augmented reality

The world of fashion is constantly pushing the boundaries of convention and has made a name for itself by doing so. As technology becomes a more significant part of everyday life, the fashion industry is looking to respond by making clothes more compliant with emerging technology trends. Thus, augmented reality apparel is born. The concept of embedding digital content into an article of clothing is gaining traction in the fashion industry and augmented reality could soon become a normal aspect of the industry as a whole.

Normals shows off augmented reality apparel

Normals, a design collective based in France, has created an augmented reality outfit that exist in both the physical can digital worlds. The project is called Apparel and aims to break new ground in the blending of technology and clothing. Apparel incorporates sophisticated augmented reality technology, custom computer applications, and personal data to create a wearable outfit that can be worn like real clothing. Apparel’s first outfit can be worn in the physical or digital worlds, or both.

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Augmented Reality Clothing Has Arrived With The Apparel Project


With the forthcoming Google glasses, there’s been plenty of speculation about our augmented reality future. If, eventually, everyone’s going to be wearing AR glasses (or contact lens), then we could see fashion change too. It won’t just be about what you’re wearing physically but also what people can see through the looking glass of the AR hardware.

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Electric sunglasses record life through your eyes

There is a bandwagon just starting to roll containing various pairs of video-capable and augmented reality glasses. Google is currently in the driver’s seat, but it’s far from the only company working on ways to allow us all to record video from a first-person perspective and integrate what we see into our online lives. A case in point is Vergence Labs’ Social Video Electric Eyewear, a project that aims to raise US$50K via crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

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Fashion and technology: what to expect in 2012

Karl Lagerfeld’s keynote interview at LeWeb a few months ago proves a point: fashion and technology are two words that go very well together. And this is just a start, as high tech will keep transforming what we wear in many ways this year.

From exclusive events to the world

Livestreaming exclusive events may seem an oxymoron. Yet, the fact that TED Talks are available online didn’t have a negative impact on attendance to its pricey and exclusive annual conference. On the contrary, it tremendously boosted the event’s visibility and its brand power.

In the same vein, the fashion industry is now giving fashion addicts a chance to get a full glimpse of events they couldn’t have dreamed of attending, and we expect this trend to keep on growing over the next months.

High-tech meets high-fashion

Although 3D is a useful feature for the rest of us, it is also a great modeling tool for fashion designers. This potential led the 3D company Dassault Systèmes to open an incubator called FashionLab, which is fully dedicated to exploring the ways in which 3D and high-tech solutions can help stylists.

As a matter of fact, while technology is making fashion increasingly accessible, it is also contributing to a series of innovations that are quietly happening behind the scenes. While they won’t hit mainstream for a while, they could disrupt the fashion world over the next years.

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3D printed glasses are Fashion Week’s hottest accessory

The hottest accessory on the runway at Fashion Week is a creation from one of New York’s buzziest tech startups: 3D printed glasses from MakerBot.

At designer Asher Levine’s fashion show, models donned multicolored glasses fabricated in a MakerBot printer. The device allows users to download and scan designs, which are then “printed” as physical objects.

Levine, who has dressed fashion icons like Lady Gaga, incorporated the printers into his presentation. Featuring a sculptural aesthetic with lots of leather and jagged edges, his collection paired well with MakerBot’s industrial vibe.

Levin said integrating the technology altered his view of design.

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Augmented Reality-Enhanced Fashion Giveaway Draws Crowds Around the World

Online luxury retailer Net-a-Porter is heralding the launch of a new collection Wednesday with five augmented reality-enhanced shopping events across the globe.

Crowds have gathered at window locations in Paris, New York, London, Berlin and Sydney for the chance to witness the spectacle and nab some free merchandise from the collection, which was designed by Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld and announced on stage at Le Web in Paris.

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