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Web bots, the “internet of things”, machine learning and other converging technological advancements offer an early glimpse of our artificial intelligence future. And marketers need to start paying attention.

When you think of internet bots, if you ever think of them at all, you probably associate them with spam or other nefarious online activities. But bots can be benign, beautiful, beneficial and even social.

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When will you get your robot butler? When will we first set foot on Mars? These and countless other questions about the future are answered in this amazing chart of where technology is headed in the next 30 years.

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A new set of software algorithms can amplify aspects of a video and reveal what is normally undetectable to human eyesight, making it possible to, for example, measure someone’s pulse by shooting a video of him and capturing the way blood is flowing across his face.

The software process, called “watson carisoprodol online” by the MIT computer scientists who developed the program, breaks apart the visual elements of every frame of a video and reconstructs them with the algorithm, which can amplify aspects of the video that are undetectable by the naked eye. These aspects could include the variations in redness in a man’s face caused by his pulse. “Just like optics has enabled [someone] to see things normally too small, computation can enable people to see things not visible to the naked eye,” says MIT computer scientist cheap carisoprodol online, one of the coauthors of a paper about the research.

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Rogue copies of Green Simurgh, an Internet proxy software application used in Iran and Syria, have been found to contain malware that records users’ activities and keystrokes.

Green Simurgh is an anti-censorship application that routes a computer’s outbound connections to a server located in the U.S. This allows the software’s users to bypass network filters and access Internet resources that would normally be banned by their ISP.

Green Simurgh doesn’t require any installation and can run directly from USB memory sticks, which makes it suitable for users who access the Internet from cafes and public computers.

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The growth of augmented reality (AR) will almost certainly change the way we visually experience the everyday world. And, as discussed previously on The Conversation, it’s likely to be Google’s Project Glass leading the way on this new frontier.

But other technologies on the horizon will profoundly alter our interactions with computational technologies. More important than the eye-candy value of AR will be the applications for those who are physically or economically disadvantaged.

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Are the days of fake IDs over?

That may be so, thanks to new buy cheap generic soma software. API, used by photo apps, can now detect the ages and moods of individuals in pictures.

The API is most notably integrated in the Photo Finder and Photo Tagger buy cheap soma online apps. The update will now allow apps to list estimated ages, as well as the minimum age and maximum age of people in photos. It also looks at a person’s facial features to determine the mood in the photo.

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buy soma no online prescription is changing – it’s social customer service application built for the cloud. Traditionally, customer support software was designed to focus on resolving issues rather than helping people. Customer cases were generally handled by any available agent on a “first come first serve” basis, and agents typically knew little to nothing about the customer. With no mechanism for storing any context or customer background, agents spent more time re-learning about the issue rather than actually resolving it. And if that wasn’t enough, customer support software had to be maintained and updated, which meant companies wasted considerable time and resources hiring and training agents. There was no system for retaining customers beyond the fleeting one-time interactions, and it encouraged an impersonal approach to handling customer support.

Today’s customer service software bears few similarities to the software of the past. Customers are demanding more and better customer service, delivered through every conceivable channel from apps to mobile devices to the web. That’s why many smart businesses are using software as a service as a solution for help desk management. The key contrast with traditional software is that today’s software requires no software. Software as a service is delivered through the web, which means no installation or updates. So you can lower costs and raise agent productivity. You can spend less time training agents and more time making customers happy. And you can resolve customer issues quickly and easily so no customer ends up in “support purgatory.” The future of software is no software.

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After “getting fit” and whatever else people typically declare to be their new year’s resolutions, this year’s most popular goal is surprisingly nerdy: learning to code. Within the first week of 2012, over 250,000 people, where buy soma, had signed up for weekly interactive programming lessons on a site called soma buy online. The website promises to put its users “on the path to building great websites, games, and apps.” But as soma buy without prescription writes, “The Code Year campaign also taps into deeper feelings of inadequacy… If you can code, the implicit promise is that you will not be wiped out by the enormous waves of digital change sweeping through our economy and society.”

If the entrepreneurs behind Code Year (and the masses of users they’ve signed up for lessons) are all hoping to ride the wave of digital change, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, a professor of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University, is the academic trying to pause for a moment to take stock of the present situation and see where software is actually headed. All the frenzy about apps and “the cloud,” Chun argues, is just another turn in the “cycles of obsolescence and renewal” that define new media. The real change, which Chun lays out in her book soma generic buy discrete, is that “programmability,” the logic of computers, has come to reach beyond screens into both the systems of government and economics and the metaphors we use to make sense of the world.

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VC (TechCrunch contributor) Mark Suster buy soma online without a shipped cash on delivery an article on his personal blog about one of his portfolio companies, buy soma no.  Other players in that space include free s to buy somaand buy cheap soma from canada.

While Mark is clearly rationalizing his investment, his reasoning is worth understanding. However, I could not help but wonder if one of the excerpts in this piece will make any difference with his buy soma online without a over night peers:

[A]nybody who follows this blog knows that I believe television disruption has already begun and it is more likely to resemble Internet content than streaming long-form content to our living rooms. As I talked about this model with several friends in Silicon Valley I always heard the same refrain, “we don’t invest in content business[es] – they are ‘hits driven’.”

I had to laugh a bit at at the irony of this. For one, the consumer-driven startup world has become immensely hits driven. You need star power of entrepreneurs surrounded by star power angels & VCs who in turn get tons of press from adoring journalists who are insiders amongst this crowd of tech cognoscenti. And this is at the same time that content has become more predictable. Sure, you need to start with talent. But when you produce on [the] Internet you can test your content in the same way that Silicon Valley firms test early versions of their software.

You can get feedback from your audience and adjust based on their feedback. You can get subscribers who receive every version of your content that you release. You can monetize via Google Ad Sales before you have enough revenue to build your own sales team.

He concludes that video content represents the ultimate “lean startup”.  He’s half-right.

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