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Infographic of the Day: The Internet 10 years ago vs. today

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An Interactive Infographic Maps The Future Of Emerging Technology

When will you get your robot butler? When will we first set foot on Mars? These and countless other questions about the future are answered in this amazing chart of where technology is headed in the next 30 years.


Book Sprint on The New Aesthetic

Post by Eduardo Navas

Note: Previously this entry read “book print.”  This was a mistake on my part. It should be “book sprint.”

I recently read the “book print” New Aesthetic, New Anxieties by a group of media researchers, theorists and curators, who got together for three and a half days from June 17–21, 2012,  at V2, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The concept of coming together for just a few days to brainstorm a book is certainly something worth considering as an act of creative critical practice.  The book from this standpoint functions surprisingly well, especially because its premise is delivered to match the speed of change that its subject (The New Aesthetic) experiences in the daily flow of information throughout the global network. I personally find amazing that a book of this sort can be put together with some cohesion.

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Big Data – The Emerging Technology Trend

Big Data is a term used to describe the technologies and techniques used to capture and utilize, the exponentially increasing streams of data, with the goal of bringing enterprise-wide visibility and insights, to make rapid critical decisions.

To explain it in very simple terms – Huge amounts of Data need to be processed at the right time to help businesses make critical decisions. This exponentially huge amount of Data is Big Data.

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Patent trawler aims to predict next hot technologies

A new tool automatically helps forecast emerging technologies, thanks to an innovative data-mining technique.

Developed by Péter Érdi at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest and colleagues, it works by analyzing the frequency with which prior-art (previous patents) are cited by other patents.


Is Too Much Tech Bad for the Modern Teenager? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Turn Your Twitter Profile Into an Instant Infographic! has designed a cool bit of technology and graphic design that allows you to create your own infographic in about 30 seconds. It’s a quick Twitter account analyzer and an automatic infographic-generator rolled into one.

Three reasons why turning your Twitter profile into an instant infographic is pretty freaking cool:

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Is the Digital World Killing Creativity? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sure, you can use that smartphone to create an emotionally stirring Instagram of the waffles you had for brunch in mere seconds. But that same device can also serve as a ball and chain for the working world: emails constantly arrive, even during off hours; LinkedIn requests buzz after networking events; and has that important new contact followed you on Twitter yet?

While our current age of digital disruption has opened a cornucopia of new casual creative endeavors, the networked generation’s ability to multitask — and the constant need for instantaneous action — may also be hindering creativity.

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Miso: An open source toolkit for data visualisation

Your online visualization options are limited when you don’t know how to program. The Miso Project, a collaboration between The Guardian and Bocoup, is an effort to lighten the barrier to entry.

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