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carisoprodol online overnight is announcing today that it has acquired buy carisoprodol overnight, a maker of a next-generation 3D game engine for Facebook games.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Lisa Marino, chief operating officer at RockYou, said in an interview that the move will position the company to launch a number of next-generation games on Facebook in 2011. RockYou is shifting its focus to make higher-quality games and believes that Facebook users are moving in that direction too. That’s why the company is bringing in new talent via the TirNua team.

Most games on Facebook are simple, two-dimensional games based on Flash, which is limited in its ability to display 3D animation. But TirNua worked on its 3D game engine, a tool that can be used to make games, for 2.5 years. Its first game, also called TirNua, was a Facebook virtual world where you can learn to live in a green fashion. The game wasn’t a hit.

But RockYou believes its 3D engine can be used to create synchronous games, or those that can be played in real time, or with instantaneous reactions. Real-time games are popular on the PC and on consoles, but they often run too slow on Facebook. That was the case for City of Eternals, a real-time vampire game published by Ohai earlier this year.

Still, Marino said that the audience is demanding more sophisticated games, and she believes that Facebook will step up so that its platform can run them. By the second half of next year, for instance, 3D synchronous games will probably find a much bigger audience on Facebook, she said.

“This is one of our major bets,” Marino said. “We believe we can make multiple games on TirNua’s engine.”

Ohai is still betting it can succeed with a real-time engine. And startups such as Rbuying carisoprodol online based on Flash.

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Researchers demonstrate a collaborative augmented reality game.
Credit: Courtesy of Columbia University.

Augmented reality (AR) places interactive, virtual objects and effects over the real world, and it has huge potential for gaming. Imagine wearing an AR headset to play chess with animated virtual pieces on a real chess board, or to fight computerized zombies running into your own home.

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Starwars meets augmented reality.  At least the name is what is selling this shoot and kill game.

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A bit cheezy, but worth looking in order to stay informed on gaming and augmented reality. The music has to go in this video.

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A University of California Davis researcher has figured out how to turn the Microsoft Xbox Kinect into a 3D video camera.

The device was hacked a little over a week ago and then researcher Oliver Kreylos spent three days working on capturing objects in three dimensions using the Kinect’s two cameras. He then reconstructed the objects in real time “from scratch” in C++ using his own Vrui virtual reality (VR) toolkit for 3D rendering management and interaction.

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Television, movies, and video games have been restricted to the 2D world for a long time, but it seems they have served their time and are being released into the 3D world. 3D movies have been constantly improving in quality for the past few years and have done so well that TV is following in those footsteps. Plasma, LCD, and even LED TVs were just not enough, now the consumer has a hunger for the next evolution of the screen; 3D.

In the past, the largest barrier to the 3D market was the content. It wasn’t so much that the devices were not ready, but that there wasn’t much content available to be seen on the devices. That’s all changed. Samsung televisions are available now that are ready to show you all the 3D content that is out there and available for your consumption.

If movies and TV are moving into the 3D world, then it’s expected that video games cannot be far behind. In fact, Sony PlayStation 3 has already entered the 3D gaming market, which is sure to expand exponentially over the next few years. Currently the PS3 is the only system on the market that is capable of displaying games in 3D and that is a huge advantage in new market.

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