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This holiday season, Microsoft will be offering the Kinect for Xbox 360. Not to be outdone, Sony also plans to debut Move for PlayStation 3. These peripherals will immerse gamers a little deeper into the game where every move and gesture of the hands and body will be the controller. The Kinect and Move will also bring augmented reality to the table as an entertainment experience. While these devices show a lot of promise and potential, somehow I don’t think this is where gaming should be for the 21st century.

Video gaming has come a long way since the days of the Atari 2600 console. Graphics are now rendered in 3D with textures, effects, and environments that, at times, seem to blur the line between watching a live action movie and computer generated images (CGI). As we have entered the 21st century, gaming has become more immersive and interactive: replacing the one-button wired joystick with wireless controllers that seemed to have more buttons than you could handle and motion-detecting wands and cameras.

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In the early 1990’s, virtual reality (VR) was the hot topic in entertainment, education, research, technical training, and just about every other aspect of life. There was even a TV show about it called VR5 and starring Lori Singer.

VR was yesterday’s promise for today. TVs and computer monitors were on their death beds. It is now 2010, ten years into the 21st century. So, where are my VR helmet, gloves, and vest? …and stuff?

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Real or virtual? The virtual object, in this case the white cylinder, is projected into the actual environment and can be felt using a sensor rod. (Picture: Matthias Harders / ETH Zurich)

Researchers at the Computer Vision Lab at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, have developed a method with which they can produce virtual copies of real objects. The copies can be touched and even sent via the Internet. By incorporating the sense of touch, the user can delve deeper into virtual reality.

Sending a friend a virtual birthday present, or quickly beaming a new product over to a customer in America to try out – it sounds like science fiction, but this is what researchers at the Computer Vision Lab want to make possible, with the aid of new technology. Their first step was to successfully transmit a buying carisoprodol to a spatially remote person, who could not only see the object, but also feel it and move it.

Sending a friend a virtual birthday present, or quickly beaming a new product over to a customer in America to try out – it sounds like science fiction, but this is what researchers at the Computer Vision Lab want to make possible, with the aid of new technology. Their first step was to successfully transmit a buying carisoprodol to a spatially remote person, who could not only see the object, but also feel it and move it.


Incorporating all the senses

The more senses are stimulated, the greater the degree of immersion in the purchase carisoprodol online. While visual and acoustic simulation of virtual reality has become increasingly realistic in recent years, development in the haptic area, in other words the purchase carisoprodol, lags far behind. Up to now, it has not been possible to touch the virtual copy of an object, or to move it. The aim of the EU project “Immersence”, in which ETH Zurich has also been involved, was to develop new methods for haptic interaction. Matthias Harders, together with other scientists from the Computer Vision Lab, led the sub-project which dealt with interaction between people and virtual objects.

3D in real time

The researchers developed a method for combining visual and haptic impressions with one another. Whilst a 3D carisoprodol online records an image of the object, which in one experiment was a soft toy frog, a user simultaneously senses the object using a haptic device. The sensor arm, which can be moved in any direction and is equipped with force, acceleration, and slip sensors, collects information about shape and solidity. With the aid of an algorithm, a virtual copy is created on the computer from the measurements – even while the toy frog is still being scanned and probed.

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A UK state school has invested in high-tech interactive technology for its new £500,000 (€600,000) 21C technology block. Digital Vision AV installed GestureTek’s GroundFX interactive floor projection and Screen Xtreme as part of the AV overhaul.

As a parting legacy, retiring head teacher at Farnham Heath End comprehensive school in Surrey, David Hoggins, has presented new incumbent Nick Phillips with a progress technology wing which cost more than £500,000 to develop.

The 21C technology block took a year to build, and fulfils the Head’s dream of providing “complete immersion in an environment where the children can interact wirelessly on any level”.

He explains, “I knew IT was important as a tool for engaging kids — and that if we could engage them with both audio and visual stimuli, it would be brilliant for kinaesthetic learning.”

Farnham Heath End wanted to go beyond the conventional set-up, in fact earlier plans for a computer suite, divisible into two classrooms, were abandoned in favour of incorporating gesture controlled technology.

The new facility boasts a GestureTek GroundFX interactive floor projection system and GestureTek Screen Xtreme, installed by Digital Vision AV Ltd. GroundFX integrates interactive 2D and 3D visuals with sound, thus enhancing the interactive feature. A wireless mouse and keyboard administer both GestureTek displays.

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This video showcases an amazing new interactive mirror that functions like a massive touch-screen, allowing users to paint and draw with the tap of a finger.

The technology was conceptualized by buy soma generic and developed by buy soma generic online, an innovative marketing company based in the New York City area, that develops interactive technologies for clients “wishing to set themselves apart.”

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At Digital Signage World, Intel has just unveiled their augmented reality digital signage, a combination of real time analytics, augmented reality, and comprehensive touchscreen technology. This is the perfect technology to be integrated into a retail environment. A must have for retailers everywhere!

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Luidia, Inc., the award-winning developer of buy soma paypal, today announced that buy soma in the uk Corp., a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, will now sell eBeam Edge for Education units as part of bundled packages with buy soma online now. The partnership will provide the educational community various packages to enhance interactivity in the classroom to better engage students.

buy soma online said make is the smallest, lightest interactive solution on the market, weighing less than four ounces and measuring less than eight inches long. Unlike permanent fixed interactive whiteboards, eBeam Edge transforms existing whiteboards and writing surfaces into interactive whiteboards with no installation costs. It works with any standard computers and projectors. ViewSonic develops, markets and supports a broad range of innovative products, including LCD TVs, computers, LCD monitors, projectors, digital photo frames, digital signage displays and digital media players.

The partnership will offer bundled packages that enable educators to simply present, annotate and interact with projected content, while capturing the results, which can be shared over the Internet. The packages will be sold through and a nationwide network of resellers.

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buy soma soft is using a new augmented reality online shopping application to sell fall back-to-school clothing to teenage girls.

Created by soma buy next day delivery, a software developer based in Munich, the application lets shoppers use the Web camera on their home computer to enter a “virtual dressing room,” browse through, try on and buy clothes.

Penney is sponsoring the dressing room on best place to buy soma of, the recently redesigned Web site of the Hearst magazine for teenage girls; it also is running buy soma without a prescription on, Hearst’s social Web site for shoppers.

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After conquering the buy generic soma in australian pharmacy, buy soma soma and buy cheap generic soma online, book buy cheap soma guest site is now going for the jugular: roller coasters.

The new Space Fantasy attraction at Universal Studios Japan is the first big play to bring immersive 3D tracking and multi-touch technology to theme park rides. Powered by technology created by buy soma australia, Space Fantasy promises to be the ultimate ride experience. In a nutshell, imagine Microsoft Natal fused with 3D.

3D technology has been used in amusement and theme park rides for decades (think Captain EO or Honey, I Shrunk the Audience), but what makes what GestureTek is doing with Space Fantasy special is that the world is interactive.

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