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3D films that weren’t shot with 3D in mind simply aren’t very impressive. Not too long ago, fans of Michael Bay’s ‘Transformers’ series were given some devastating news. Many people working on the film, including  producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and director of photography Vince Pace, claimed that the entirety of the ‘Transformers 3’  was not shot in 3D and that it would be converted in post-production. Anyone who follows 3D films adamantly knows that this is a big no-no.

On his official website, Micheal Bay denies the rumours and claims that the entire film was indeed shot in 3D. He even extends a half-hearted invitation. He wrote: “Come into my edit room and I will show you beautiful 3D. There has never been a live action show that has pushed the boundaries of 3D like ‘Transformers 3.’ We shot the entire movie with 3D cameras.”

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Stereoscopic 3D is the latest technology to enter the home entertainment sector. As with any budding technology, there needs to be strong industry support in order for it to succeed. According to Sony, that is exactly the case.

In a carisoprodol online overnight with Develop, buy carisoprodol overnight, studio Director for SCEE, revealed that “more than fifty titles [are] currently being converted into 3D, and this number is growing fast.” This number includes at least 20 titles being developed internally by Sony, and some of the titles being developed “are massive names.

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Jackson will reportedly be using at least thirty of the new EPIC cameras on the production. For more on the technology, and what we know about The Hobbit so far, hit the jump.

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Image: Side of Entrance of Cinemateca Brasileira

Written by Eduardo Navas

This text is also published on carisoprodol buy online

I visited Sao Paulo Brazil on November 17th, to participate in a panel discussion for how to order carisoprodol online, organized by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. I was invited to discuss the relationship of transmedia and Remix along with soma carisoprodol online, and moderator buy soma carisoprodol online.  What follows is not so much a summary of the panel discussion, but rather a reflection on my views on transmedia and Remix, after evaluating my participation.  But first, I will begin by giving some general impressions of the day I spent in Sao Paulo.

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THE improvements in visual effects mean prehistoric creatures aren’t in any danger of becoming extinct on our screens.

In fact, there’s a stampede of primordial beasts coming and they will, we hope, be more and more convincing.

A fourth series of Primeval launches on ITV early next year, a new Walking with Dinosaurs movie is in the pipeline (see below) and there are buy soma generic onlineafoot for another Jurassic Park adventure.

But, if you can’t wait for all those to satisfy your need for dino-drama, Christmas Day is bringing us a new film called Flying Monsters 3D.

SKY 3D and Atlantic Productions have announced that the one-hour film will air on Sky 3D – Europe’s first 3D TV channel – and is Sky’s first original factual 3D commission.

The feature documentary about the evolution of pterosaurs – flying reptiles with a wingspan of up to 45ft who lived 200 million years ago – has been written and presented by BAFTA-winning natural history broadcaster Sir David Attenborough.

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JVC has announced the launch of three new pieces of buy soma custom hrt, which will enable customers to watch 3D movies on a big screen.

The digital company has added the DLA-RS60, the DLA-RS50 and the DLA-RS40 to its portfolio.

All three projectors are compatible with the firm’s PK-AG1-BG Active Shutter 3D Glasses, which means that viewers can enjoy watching some of the big 3D blockbusters to hit the cinemas in the last year in the comfort of their own living room.

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Well that didn’t take long. The world’s first 3D Blu-ray porn movie has just hit retail. Yes, you read that right: the first 3D porn movie has just appeared in select countries for 3D Blu-ray players and 3D-capable TVs. Before we get down to business, which is really what this news about the first 3D Blu-ray porn movie is all about, let’s get one thing out of the way: jokes. Because we all know you want to make them.

So, who’s ready to see those double-Ds in 3D? What’s the over/under on the number of scenes before a 3D wang pokes off the screen? Man, those augmentation scars look more obvious in “real life.” How did they get the videographer to film with two cameras while only using one hand? Why a full movie when they only needed about eight minutes in 3D? Please, no dimensional money shots into the camera!

Happy now? OK, with the jokes out of the way, let’s talk about why this is surprisingly big news, even if for odd reasons, for the world of 3D Blu-ray.

The porn industry has consistently thrown its girth behind technologies that win. VHS beat Betamax. Blu-ray beat HD-DVD. Porn accounts for almost all money made on the Internet. So with the world’s first 3D Blu-ray porn now on sale, it’s a fair bet that 3D Blu-ray movies and 3D TVs are far more than a passing fad or a shot in the dark for one big holiday season.

Now, just because the first 3D Blu-ray porn movie is a new thing doesn’t mean the creators have anything innovative up their sleeves. The name is still predictably vanilla (Erotek Dimensions 3D). The price is still low enough ($17.95) that the potential “loss” due to a bad purchase will seem minimal to many. And the plot still isn’t necessary but remains as gimpy as ever: Taking place in a cyber-science DNA laboratory, Doria (the Scientist and former host of Playboy TV’s Night Calls) conjures up holographic couples to act out her sexual fantasies. For those who track this sort of thing, the movie apparently stars people worth mentioning, too: Kim Chambers, Scott Styles, Dan Anderson, Taylor Wayne and Lorean

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Great movies come from all around the world, and so do great DVDs and Blu-rays. buy soma in singapore is an irregular feature here at FSR that highlights discs and/or movies unavailable in the US that are worth seeking out for fans of fantastic cinema.

Okay, so this week’s recommended import isn’t exactly a great film. Or even a very good film. But damnit, it’s a fun film. …

Strippers lead fairly boring lives. At least that’s what we’re led to believe here as five exotic dancers spend their downtime between stage appearances sitting in a small dressing room bored out of their Japanese skulls. A sexy spat between two of them leads to the discovery of a secret passageway in their wall… which in turn leads to the Book of the Dead! One of the literate strippers reads from the book, and soon Japan’s dead are rising from their graves to consume human sushi. Good thing Asian strippers are trained in martial arts and equipped with swords, chainsaws, and battle axes for just such an emergency…

Let’s dispense with this 3D business right away. If you ever wondered what a pair of 34DD’s would look like in shitty 3D the answer is shitty. The film itself is obviously not shot in 3D, but on the bright side it’s also not post-converted. Hurray for small victories! We all know how bad those films look right? Well the makers of this little zombie flick decided to forgo both of those choices and jump straight ahead backward to old reliable. That’s right… the red and blue paper glasses are back! But don’t get too excited. Only certain parts of the movie are presented in 3D, an alert appears in the corner of the screen letting you know when to put the glasses on, but good gravy these are some bad 3D effects. Thankfully the DVD includes a 2D version as well.

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Do we dream in 3D

There is no doubt that after watching a movie that has a message or provokes thought in us, that scenes or situations from that movie get mixed up with situations from our lives, and lead to vivid dreams. They are vivid because we wake up in the morning remembering them in stark detail. But do we actually dream in 3D? Asking this question may not be important, but what is important is that we *do* dream… regardless of whether we have seen a movie earlier that day or not.

We dream of situations and incidents that we encounter in the real world. This gets mixed with our imagination and sub-conscious to a certain extent, but the base layer for our dreams buy soma soft tabs online cheap) is still the real world we live in and our experiences.

A 3D movie is such a realistic optical illusion, that it even activates our reflexes, this is why we flinch or duck when we see something ‘flying’ out of the screen in a 3D movie. We don’t usually have the same reaction in a 2D movie.

So the main question I have to ask is… As Stereoscopic 3D is an illusion that fools our brains into believing that what we see on a screen is real, can we use Stereoscopic 3D movies to heighten our psyche…heighten our subconscious? If this is possible… we now have next found out the latest Function with regard to diving in to Stereoscopic 3d images story-telling, which is not looked into to help it’s entire possible a connection~we have next identified a fresh Goal for delving in Stereoscopic 3d images story-telling, in which is not explored to help it’s complete potential as yet~we have now next discovered a fresh Goal intended for delving straight into Stereoscopic animations story-telling, in which will not be discovered in order to it really is entire probable to date~we have after that identified a new Function pertaining to sampling in Stereoscopic a model in 3d story-telling, in which will never be explored for you to it really is total prospective established~we’ve got subsequently observed a new Goal intended for diving in to Stereoscopic animations story-telling, in which will never be looked into to help it can be whole likely established~we certainly have and then found a whole new Intent regarding diving into Stereoscopic animations story-telling, in which is not discovered to it really is entire probable a connection~we now have next found out the latest Function with regard to diving in to Stereoscopic 3d images story-telling, which is not looked into to help it’s entire possible a connection~we certainly have and then discovered a brand new Intent for diving in to Stereoscopic animations story-telling, of which will never be discovered to help it’s entire possible to date~we now have and then observed the latest Goal with regard to sampling into Stereoscopic animations story-telling, of which hasn’t been visited to be able to it truly is entire probable as yet~we have and then identified a new Goal with regard to delving in to Stereoscopic 3d images story-telling, of which will never be investigated for you to it’s entire likely up to now~we’ve got next identified a brand new PURPOSE pertaining to delving straight into Stereoscopic a model in 3d story-telling, that will will never be explored for you to it’s whole potential established}.

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You know what is wrong with Hollywood? Not much. They have things figured out pretty well and it leads nicely into my talking pointon the new genre of 3D films. Studios continue to make movie for one reason and one reason only to make a buck and milk as much of our paycheck from us as they can.

Studios have no interest in us as fans other then to open our wallets despite their clever viral campaigns to promote films and get us to join fan groups, facebook pages and more. Studios are in the business of making money, more money then you and I will ever see and the new easy way to do that is 3D…. or should i say Post Production 3D which is added to the movie after its shot.

3D was re-invigorated by James Cameron’s Avatar and as cutting edge and monumental as his remake of Fern Gully was it also opened Pandora’s box as studios lined up knee deep with their films to release them in 3D.  There are two breeds of 3D, 3D Movies that are shot on 3D Cameras and 3D movies that are done in post production with computers and although you are never told which is which one is visually fantastic and one is a blatant cash grab to lure you in on the false pretext that you are going to experience another Avatar moment.

Movies shot in true 3D are extremely rare and also extremely expensive which is why studios are more than happy to convert their movies in post production into 3D since the average film goer has no clue about the difference. It costs a studio about $500,000 to convert a movie to 3D after it has been shot where as to actually shoot a movie in 3D with 3D cameras cancost in the 10’s of millions. Studios charge a premium for 3D movies on top of  that so what studio wouldn’t convert the movies? 30% hike in ticket fares at a cost of only $500,000 is a lot ofmoney on the bottom line. Just look at it this way, studio A makes a movie and 500,000people see it for $8.00 a ticket, thats $40million. Now Studio A takes the same movie, spend $500k, converts it to 3D, charges 500,000 people $11.50 a ticket and makes $57,500,000. So for $500,000 they make an extra $17million.

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