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Written by Yong Kim

While watching an episode of Sundance’s show Love Lust, “Love Lust & Street Eats,” it hit me that we truly are living in the era of remix. On the surface this episode was about the history of street food in America, from its humble beginning of simple foods like hot dogs and blue collar roots to the revolution into the current, nationwide food truck explosion and acceptance by gourmets and foodies.  The theory informing this episode, however, is remix theory.  The history of street food in America not only shows the level of remix that’s currently taking place (down to its marketing and the cuisine itself), but that the era of remix has been building up momentum for quite some time, beyond the arts and academia.

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Written by Yong Kim

Last week I attended a live filming of a podcast run by standup comedian, Steven E. Kimbrough (AKA Podbrother:  carisoprodol online), called  “carisoprodol online uk.”   He used the phrase “future-proofing your content.”  I don’t know if he coined the phrase or not, but it was the first time I’d ever heard it.  He said (and I’m paraphrasing here), using 3D only makes sense, that it’s a way to future-proof your content.

The  Podbrother’s podcasts are always shot in front of a live audience, to add to the energy of the guests.  The one I attended had guests ranging from fight choreographer John Kreng and actress Christina DeRosa to the team of Francesco Rotunno and Alessandra Vinotto and film director Abraham Makowka.  Francesco Rotunno and Alessandra Vinotto directed the first Italian music video in 3D:  “buy carisoprodol online,” by Hollowblue and Sukie Smith.

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Everything is a Remix is a four part web-film series directed and produced by Kirby Ferguson. It has been about a year since the first segment (above) was released. Since then, Ferguson has released parts two and three. The fourth and final installment is scheduled to be released this Fall of 2011, and I look forward to viewing it.

When I viewed part one, I really liked it, and thought that the title, while it may sound polemical to some degree (in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way), somewhat falls along the lines of how I view and have been discussing Remix as a form of discourse during the past few years. However, once I viewed the other two segments, I realized that the way some of the material is presented begins to water down the very foundation of the term “remix.”

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Written by Yong Kim

Everyone seems to be at an uproar about Facebook’s latest feature, Timeline.  Some people hate it with a passion; others seem to be indifferent or just mildly enthusiastic; while a few people have grown to love it, like Pete Cashmore of Mashable.  Despite his fondness for Timeline, even Cashmore wrote an advisory article on the use of Timeline, explaining that “even the most technical among us should be aware that sharing everything is not always wise, and…selecting the right privacy settings can protect you against any mistakes. (quote source:  to buy somabuy canada soma). If you have concerns about Timeline, especially if you’re not sure how it functions, Cashmore’s article is worth a read.

I don’t care much about Timeline itself.  I’m indifferent about it, to be honest.  Like most of Facebook’s features, I will use it to my advantage and learn to accept aspects of it I don’t like.  In the bigger scheme of things, however, I see Timeline as yet another move by Zuckerberg* and others (which includes Google and people like Robert Scoble and David Kirkpatrick) to control people online, to force people toward their agenda of online transparency.

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Note:  This post is not about the rumor that Facebook is going to start charging for accounts.

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Written by Yong Kim

Facebook made some changes recently to their layout and added some new features.  There are aspects to the changes that I like; and others I don’t.  As usual, people griped.  Also as usual, others provided some perspective, the most common sentiments being:  it’s free and no one’s forcing you to use Facebook.

Let’s address the obvious first:  Facebook is NOT free.  We don’t pay for it with money, but we do give something to Facebook for its “free” service, something much more valuable than money:  the copyrights to our profiles, which are comprised of our personal information.  The service is “free” because everything we do (every comment, every single click, everything we share) gets logged, then datamined to produce metadata, which is then sold.  There is a reason Facebook is worth billions of dollars.  All of that information about us, the information about ourselves we so gladly provided and the data about our activities, is owned by Facebook, not us.  If you want ownership of your information, then perhaps you should join buy cheap soma in australia, whose front page contains the catchphrase “emancipate yourself.”

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Image: where buy soma site soma buy online.
Total number of pages: 1,074,790

Lev Manovich and Jeremy Douglass, 2010.


ImagePlot is a free software tool that visualizes collections of images and video of any size. (The largest set we tried so was: 1,074,790 one megabyte images).

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Written by Yong Kim

find where to buy soma online comes from the imagination of Ricardo Cabello, whose buy soma online without a shipped cash on deliveryshows his occupation as “Pressing buttons” and employment as “buy soma no.”  His actual occupation is designer/developer. His site, buy soma no, contains a variety of interactive new media projects, one of which is find where to buy soma online.

Back in March, in our own feature, buy soma online without a over night, I wrote about buy soma no shipped cod, a lazy and inaccurate counterpart to Google, a humanistic version that yawns, makes mistakes and has malfunctioning parts. The search results I got from interacting with Google Sloppy didn’t yield any proper results, meaning Google Sloppy searched for something other than what I’d entered.  When I searched for “Charlie Sheen Winning,” I got the results for “charlie shee nwinning.”

Unlike Google Sloppy, Google Gravity yields the correct results (i.e. the results you’d get from Google).  As the name suggests, every link on Google’s home page–including the search field and links that are normally at the top of the screen–drops to the bottom when you enter the site.  All subsequent searches get piled on top until you have a collage of search results. If someone doesn’t like the arrangement of the links, then she can move them around at any time, including the search field.  As you can see from the screen capture above, I got my search field upside down, which was an accident, and couldn’t get right side up once the search results piled up.

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Image: detail of video montage grid of “buy soma online shipped cash on delivery.” One of several remixes on buy soma without a. Larger images of this montage and others with proper explanation are included below.

Post-doctoral Research by Eduardo Navas

Key terms: Remix, Cultural Analytics, Memes, YouTube, Hitler Parodies, Film

As part of my buy soma online no for find where to buy somaat the University of Bergen, Norway, I am using cultural analytics techniques to analyze YouTube video remixes. My research is done in collaboration with the wherecan i buy soma online without aat the University of California, San Diego. A big thank you tobuy soma the same day atbuy soma without for providing a space for daily work during my stays in San Diego.

This is part 3 of a series of posts in which I introduce three case studies of YouTube video remixes. My first case study is buy soma codeine. The second case study is buy soma with out prescriton.

Read the complete article and view more remix videos at buy soma without presciption

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Image source: buy indian soma

Written by Yong Kim

Yes!  Video games can be art. They are often used to develop new media art.  Not surprisingly, the man who’s been leading a crusade against 3D, Roger Ebert, disagrees.  In fact, his blog entry in the Chicago Sun-Times is titled buy online soma, where he only concedes on the point that perhaps he shouldn’t use the word “never” because never is a really long time.  Ebert’s article is a retort to the backlash he’d been receiving after tweeting a similar sentiment a week earlier, which was a response to an announcement from the National Endowment for the Arts. NEA announced that, for 2012, “art” has been redefined as follows:

Projects may include high profile multi-part or single television and radio programs (documentaries and dramatic narratives); media created for theatrical release; performance programs; artistic segments for use within an existing series; multi-part webisodes; installations; and interactive games. Short films, five minutes and under, will be considered in packages of three or more. (quote source: buy soma online shipped cash on deliverly)

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Written by Eduardo Navas

Commisioned by buy soma usa, Badajoz, Spain, March of 2010, for the exhibition buy watson soma, organized by Gustavo Romano.  The exhibition was launched in December 2009.  The text is released online with permission. Complete text is available on buy cod online soma.

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