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Millions of us use an increasing number of apps in our daily lives. So, as the mobile revolution gathers pace, what’s next?

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Hugo Barra, who works at Google, thinks speech recognition will become increasingly central to our lives. Photograph: Tricia de Courcy Ling for the Guardian

From the utility of your weekly shop to the whimsy of organising the office tea round, it seems like there is an app for just about everything. But in the minds of the most adventurous app developers, this is just the first generation of technologies that we will wonder how we ever lived without. So what do the apps of the future look like, and what are the trends to watch? These are the people in the know.

Malcolm Barclay
Mobile application developer

Barclay works on mobile app development, building London Tube Deluxe, NextBuses and Q Mapps for iPhone, among others. He has no doubt that the future is mobile: “The devices we spend most of our computing time with will be mobile, whether buy carisoprodol online uk, tablets or smart fabrics,” he says. “The key for me is making things more personalised in a smart way.” That will be through predictive analytics – the analysis of behavioural data for patterns that can help to predict behaviour. For travel, that would mean better real-time updates on travel problems or reminders to book tickets based on your travel plans.

Hugo Barra
Mobile product management director at Google

At Google, researchers are trying to make a currently unrealised future a reality by investing heavily in research into computer vision. Barra says the public face of that work is Google Goggles. When he travelled to Prague he explored the city by pointing his Goggles app at buildings and landmarks; it recognised each location and served up web pages on their history. “Our ability to understand the visual world is only just beginning to develop,” he says. “We can’t understand 3D or heavily contextualised objects, but we will get there in a few years. It’s a canvas we are beginning to paint on.

Windsor Holden
Analyst at Juniper Research

Holden believes that content will become more mainstream as smartphone ownership becomes the norm, but thinks the potential for apps is largely dictated by the features added to handsets: “iPhone 3GS added a digital compass to complement the accelerometer, so that introduced the potential for augmented reality (AR) applications,” he says. Games like Mosquito, which superimpose insects over a real-world view, are just the tip of the iceberg, as AR will become not just an add-on to an app but a core part of it.

Nick Ludlam
Creative developer at Design Consultancy Berg

Ludlam has worked on a series of mobile apps including Mill Colour, a visual-effects tool for photography that has reached 500,000 downloads. While many of the first generation of apps have been about consumption, he prefers to focus on apps that encourage people to create. “Creativity apps do happen, but they are harder to write,” he says. “There’s huge potential for harvesting other people’s cognitive surplus, making it easy and fun to be creative yourself.” Ludlam refers to web thinker Clay Shirky, who suggested that freeing the “cognitive surplus” of the public from the one trillion hours of TV consumed each year could – and is beginning to – open up collaborative, democratically powerful benefits.

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Charity Macmillan Cancer Support has launched an buying carisoprodol app to help Brits find a decent cup of coffee. The app offers reviews of more than 500 cafes and coffee shops around the UK, and lets users contribute their own reviews too.

“Rate the cafés by giving them a mug rating, upload pictures of the café, the pastries, the view etc, and comment on them too,” explains the App Store blurb. “Using our clever filters you can get more specific – find coffee shops with gallery spaces, wifi, toilets, alfresco seating and organic produce.”

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With the new ski and snowboard season closer than you think, it’s time to load your smartphone with the latest snowsports apps to prepare for the season ahead.

There are a number of new apps available for owners of iPhones, iPods, Blackberries, Android phones and others. Some work with the unit’s GPS to track your ski day, while others provide current snow conditions and more.

Fugawi has released a new topographical map application for the Apple iPhone, Fugawi iMap, that allows iPhone users to seamlessly download and access raster topographical maps of the United States and Canada. The full-featured Fugawi iMap App provides an intuitive user-interface for marking waypoints and extensive mapping data for navigation and positional location information throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The Fugawi iMap App displays a user’s real-time location in latitude and longitude or Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) with an easily visible position marker. An active map seamlessly pans as the user moves, features a zoom in and out function, and includes detail such as scale, elevation, contours, water bodies, major roads, railways and bridges, to name a few. The perfect accompaniment for skiing and riding, in-bounds or in the backcountry, users simply tap the screen to drop a waypoint and drag the marker to move it. Plotted points include name, icon, exact coordinates and text descriptions that can be quickly edited on the iPhone. Fugawi iMap maps are downloaded through the iPhone’s internet connection (Edge, 3G or WiFi) and saved locally on the phone for use even when outside of cell phone or WiFi internet coverage. The iMap App comes with a free Fugawi X-Traverse account that allows users to save, retrieve and transfer waypoints as GPX files from Fugawi navigation software for PC, MacENC for Apple OS X and Google Earth to the iPhone, and vice versa.

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Lenticular fun beaming out from your palms

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If you’ve used the iPad before but wept at the sheer lack of perceived depth on offer, then IFA could hold the answer for you.

Not as a tablet you’ll be able to buy soon (boo) but engineering firm Rockchip will be showing off its lenticular tablet technology that could make a boring tablet 3D-enabled without glasses (yay!).

The tech would also allow you to watch movies in 2D as well, at the flick of a switch, making it a dual purpose device.

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Marshal McLuhan

Image source: buy canada soma

Written by Eduardo Navas

The following text was originally published during the month of August, 2009 as part of soma buy discrete‘s Cold issue. The journal is a refereed online journal published bi-annually. The text is republished in full on Vodule according to an agreement for republication on buy cheap soma generic, where it was published on October 17, 2009. Drain’s copyright agreement allows for 25% of the essay to be reblogged or reposted on other sites with proper citation and linkage to the journal at buy generic soma in brisbane. We ask that their agreement be respected by the online community.

This text is republished on Vodule because it directly relates to our mission to explore the extension of volume and modularity.

In 1964 Marshal McLuhan published his essay “Media Hot and Cold,” in one of his most influential books, Understanding Media.[1] The essay considers the concepts of hot and cold as metaphors to define how people before and during the sixties related to the ongoing development of media, not only in Canada and the United States but also throughout the world.[2] Since the sixties, the terms hot and cold have become constant points of reference in media studies. However, these principles, as defined by McLuhan, have changed since he first introduced them. What follows is a reflection on such changes during the development of media in 2009.

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Lending more credence to the rumor that Google is zeroing in on buy soma in the uk, the search engine giant this week purchased social gaming company SocialDeck – its fifth acquisition this month.

“We started this company with the goal of connecting friends through social games on all kinds of exciting new buy soma online now,” SocialDeck wrote in a note buy soma online said make. “We’ve been amazed and humbled by all of the stories and experiences our customers (you!) have shared with us.”

The company did not elaborate on how SocialDeck will be incorporated into Google.

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KOREAN MANUFACTURER Istation has beaten the bigger boys to the punch by announcing that it will launch a 3D tablet later this Autumn.

Today’s mantra is, if it has an e-pulse and a display, get it up and running in 3D, even if that means cobbling together a gadget from spare parts. Rather than wait for a glassesless 3D world to arrive, Istation has put together its Z3 3D tablet that requires you to keep some spare stereoscopic glasses handy.

buy soma tablets claims with marketing bravado that it is releasing the world’s first 3D tablet. There’s not much information on the Z3 3D tablet in the digital ether, but it’s built on a 7-inch chassis and sports a 800×400 resolution display, although Istation claims it supports full HD 1080p video output. It will come with Android 2.1.

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Navigating maps on computers and mobile devices can still be a clunky experience, especially when you try to search for places on a map. Typically, on Google Maps or Bing Maps, you get a bunch of virtual pushpins for each place which you can click on for more information.

soma buy online, a 3D mapping startup based in New York City, brings that information forward in amore fluid way in the latest release of its soma buy without prescription. As you push the 3D map around with your fingers, labels for specific searches or your friends’ recent Foursquare checkins pop open as they come into view. UpNext calls this the Fluid Labeling System, and you can see it in action in the video above.

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While the Amazon Kindle is still doing reasonably well, it seems that the future of e-book readers will come with multifunction devices using color LCD displays. Sharp is continuing this trend with a pending e-reader of its own and they’re saying it’ll “rival the iPad.”

Not surprisingly, the Japanese company is staying mostly mum about the details thus far, but it seems that the yet-unnamed Sharp e-reader will indeed boast a color LCD instead of an e-ink based display. But that’s not the best part.

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It looks like we’ll soon see more gadgets that can do 3D without forcing users to wear glasses. Chinese manufacturer Rockchip recently showcased a prototype tablet device that can display 3D video and images without requiring any special spectacles, buy soma compound

Details about the unreleased tablet, dubbed the Supernova X1, are currently hard to come by, with nary a spec sheet available, so specifics regarding how the devices’ 3D output actually works are also unknown–beyond the fact that it doesn’t require eyewear.

Engadget’s Chinese site offers a little more in the way of details; where can i buy soma onlinesays that the Supernova X1 will require video “to be ‘processed’ in some way”–whatever that means–to produce the 3D effect. The report goes on to compare the device to find where to buy soma in the usa shipped overnight, detailing that Rockchip’s mystery tablet will let you adjust the 3D effect or disable it entirely.

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