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Cloud experts say healthcare is the ‘perfect storm’

For cloud technology companies that are brave enough to tackle the healthcare industry, it’s a perfect storm — there are major challenges and opportunities.

At CloudBeat, the conference focused on how real customers are transitioning to the cloud, healthcare technology experts gathered to discuss moving from paper-based to electronic systems.

For IT leads at hospitals and health providers, now is the time for action. “There is market pressure, pressure from physicians and audience groups,” said Scott Whyte, Vice President of IT Connectivity at Dignity Health, the fifth largest hospital provider in the nation.

By 2014, Obamacare mandates that hospitals and practitioners who have been maintaining paper records to switch to electronic medical records.

It will not be a simple transition. “The healthcare industry is fragmented, complex and paper-based,” said Darin Brannan, president and CEO of ClearDATA, a secure provider of e-mail and cloud computing technologies that take the risk out of mail and app hosting.

The key hurdles for companies like ClearDATA include security and breaches, compliance and regulatory issues, and the existing legacy infrastructure systems.

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Cloud Backup Service MyShoebox Launches To Synchronize Photos Across All Your Devices

The good news about digital photography is that users have a number of ways to take and share moments with each other. But over the course of many years, most users have collected tons of digital photos from a multitude of different sources: digital cameras and smartphones, as well as photos shared by their friends on social networks like Facebook. That’s led to a frustrating collection of media across a wide variety of platforms and devices.

MyShoebox is launching to solve that problem by providing mobile and web apps to aggregate and organize user photos from a number of sources. It also provides unlimited storage for users to backup all of their photos and provide access to them on all the different devices that they care about.

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Big Data – The Emerging Technology Trend

Big Data is a term used to describe the technologies and techniques used to capture and utilize, the exponentially increasing streams of data, with the goal of bringing enterprise-wide visibility and insights, to make rapid critical decisions.

To explain it in very simple terms – Huge amounts of Data need to be processed at the right time to help businesses make critical decisions. This exponentially huge amount of Data is Big Data.

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Cloud to Deliver 14M New Jobs (Most in China, India)

The cloud as job creator, per Microsoft’s new report. (Click image for full version). Courtesy: Microsoft

A new research report commission by Microsoft finds that 14 million jobs will be created by 2015 thanks to cloud computing, but about half of the new jobs will be in India and China.

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