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Arts head: Alex Fleetwood, founding director of Hide&Seek

Where did the idea for Hide&Seek originate?

In 2005 I was producing a film opera for Channel 4 – turning a stage work into a screen version – and attending a lot of site-specific and immersive theatre that was the hot thing at the time. I’ve always been an avid gamer and it started to feel really strange to me that there was all of this work that seemed to come from a shared culture of play between artists and audiences, and yet I’d never thought about the games I played in quite the same way as the theatre I saw or the galleries I visited.

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Venus Patrol, gaming art and culture site, launches


Venus Patrol, Brandon Boyer’s independent videogame art & culture site, has “really honestly actually finally launched”, he reports!

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Between the NFL and Data Packets: Usain Bolt Is the Potential of Being Modular

Image source: Daily Mail

By Eduardo Navas

Note: This text was previously released on the Huffington Post on August 31, 2012.  A week before the NFl began their official season.


The NFL prepares for its upcoming season, and during exhibition games on television, as wide receivers go deep for spectacular catches, I cannot help but be reminded of exciting moments from the London Olympic Games, particularly in track & field — when Usain Bolt ran to take three gold medals in the the 100 m, 200 m and 4×100 m relay.

Coincidentally, there has been speculation that Bolt may transition to professional sports such as football in the NFL, although he may prefer soccer. The main reason behind his potential future in either sport is not because he is a good ball handler, in fact, the ball is hardly mentioned. What matters is that Bolt is fast.

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Research continues on augmented reality technology

The Office of Naval Research (ONR), an office within the Department of the Navy that coordinates and promotes science and technology projects, has launched the next phase of its augmented reality project. ONR scientists have been experimenting with augmented reality for some time and have determined that it may be capable of changing the way wars are fought. Researchers suggest that the technology’s ability to change the way people see the world could bring a myriad of benefits to the military complex.

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The Augmented Reality App That Turns You Into a Monster

Certain types of technology seem to exist only to make us lazier. The augmented reality hat from Zappar works along with a free app to create virtual masks, thereby all but eliminating the need to go shopping for a new Halloween costume this year.

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Google Patents Smart Glove Design

On August 21, Google was granted a patent called “Seeing with your hand.” It describes a glove packed with electronics including cameras on the fingertips, a compass, gyroscopes, accelerometers and other motion detectors embedded in the fingers. The palm section plays host to the CPU, RAM and local storage, and wireless communication chips are mounted on the backside.

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Autostitch for iOS adds augmented reality to improve panoramas

Autostitch has been a long time favorite for combining multiple images into a smooth panorama. With a just-released update, the app adds augmented reality which superimposes visual data onto real world images. As the camera moves, the location of images already taken are layered over the real-time view to help you visualize the scene that will result.

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Bath Augmented Reality Tour (Art at the Edge)

We filmed two enthusiastic young ladies as they enjoyed the Art at the Edge sculpture trail in Bath, taking in the sights of the city as well as the wonders of augmented reality.

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NASA puts Augmented Reality on Mars

You read that right; NASA just put a piece of Augmented Reality technology on the surface of Mars! Needless to say, this spread around the Wikitude office like wildfire.

So what happens when you have a group of space enthused Augmented Reality technology developers and a new product update release that includes the ability to incorporate Image Recognition capabilities? Well, one longer-than-usual lunch break later, a duo of our developers returned with a message from Mars.\

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Is This Real Or Just Fantasy? ONR Augmented-Reality Initiative Progresses

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is demonstrating the next phase of an augmented-reality project Aug. 23 in Princeton, N.J., that will change the way warfighters view operational environments—literally.

ONR has completed the first year of a multi-year augmented-reality effort, developing a system that allow trainees to view simulated images superimposed on real-world landscapes. One example of augmented reality technology can be seen in sports broadcasts, which use it to highlight first-down lines on football fields and animate hockey pucks to help TV viewers with interpreting plays.

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